Kona II: Brume: Narrative adventure revealed, playable on Gamescom

Parabole and Ravenscourt delight in to introduce that the celebrated first-person narrative adventure Kona will obtain a successor.

Parabole and ravenscourt at Gamescom in Cologne (August 24th-August 29, 2022) give an impression with a usable trial in the indie sector booth-and gam at the end of the message with the statement trailer.

In Kona II: Brume, the gamers immerse themselves in a new case by Detective Carl Faubert-and, thanks to the return of the omniscient narrator, can anticipate an one-of-a-kind story-driven adventure.

Invite to the snowy Canada of the 1970s!

A bizarre fog-the Brume-tears a country mining town from its tranquil truth and disturbs the equilibrium of nature. Yet where does the fog come from?
| Examine: Detective skills are of training course also put to the examination: Information and also locates have to be examined extremely meticulously. | Survive: The Brume is relentless! The gamers have to be prepared for everything and also be all set to make it through regardless of all the difficulties.
| Explore: The significant fictional nation Manastan in northern Canada wishes to be researched thoroughly, just like the village-or what is left of it. Info hides in wood huts or in close-by places outside the negotiation, such as the bordering lakes that can be gotten to with pet sled.| Examine: Investigator abilities are naturally also put to the examination: Details as well as discovers must be taken a look at extremely thoroughly. Carl Fauber’s journal is an important resource of info. Yet one concern stays: That has the ability to resolve the trick behind the fog?
Experience: With every action the gamer develops an interesting tale about searching for as well as examining files, things and letters, while an omniscient narrator explains the amazing journey through Manastan.| Survive: ** The Brume is unrelenting! Including him: a bitter-cold snowstorm, harmful wild animals and also troubling nightmares. The players have to be gotten ready for every little thing and prepare to endure despite all the hardships.

Kona II: Brume played in the country landscape of North Canada in the 1970s. The gamer battles to survive the brume, a strange fog that entirely transforms fact in the area as well as its relentless wilderness upside down.

Investigative Carl Faubert sets out to ventilate the secret behind the Brume-the gamers need to tip right into his footsteps once again and also figure out which dark reality is hidden in the haze.

KONA II: Brume is to show up in 2023 for PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch Over as well as Computer.


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