[Todays Steam] Cyberpunk cat Stray

Cyberpunk-style background and cats, Stray, ranked 17th with 6,963 steam-highest concurrent users on the first day of launch. The user evaluation is also well-received as an overwhelming positive.

As of 10 am on July 20, Stray ranked 17th with 62,963 people in the world’s highest concurrent users around the world. Since the official launch has been left for a few days left, it has been the top of the highest sales product, and it seems to have been recognized for the combination of the cyberpunk-style city that was shown at the time of the game and the cute cat’s cuteness.

Stray is an adventure to escape a strange city in a city full of neon lights that do not exist. In the process, she explores all over the place with the small drone B-12 she met and finds a way to solve her hidden secrets.

The characteristic of the game is that the cat’s behavior is well implemented. You can scratch or scratch your ears with a carpet floor or sofa, enter a small box, and break down the organized boxes or books. In addition, the background music, which is in the right place, also doubles the game atmosphere.

Stray’s steam user evaluation is ‘overwhelming positive (4,273 participants, 97% positive)’. There is an opinion that the playtime is short, but it is satisfied that you can play with a cat.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers Interactive’s multi-versus, which was released on the same day as Stray at the top of the world’s highest sales volume, ranked second, followed by Satis Factory with a 40% discount. Due to the changes in the top rankings, the power wasopia simulator and No-Men’s Sky went out of the top 10.

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