The new open world Sainzro was more important than I thought. Reboot version advance play impression

The new climb action game Sainzro will be released on August 23 next month. The pre-experience session for the media was held the other day, and we were able to actually play the early part of the game before the release. Below, I would like to introduce the charm of the new Saintslow based on the report of my preceding play.

First of all, it is the first part that most players touch in the game, and I would like to see from the part that can be said to be a signboard for the game. That is, it is an optional screen. It is no exaggeration to say that every game starts with the optional screen.

The options of Saints Row are generally covered, and can be said to be orthodox option screens, but there are some parts that have been focused on personally. The first is the difficulty setting.

Sainzro has five difficulty levels. However, this is only a preset, and it is possible for users to adjust them finely for each element and play with custom difficulty. There are many games where the graphic settings are this specification, so if you imagine that, it may be easier to understand. I am a type of player who wants to increase the difficulty level of the game to the extent that it does not penetrate, but as a result of the difficulty of the enemy, the physical strength is extremely high, and the battle is generally redundant. I don’t really like it.

Therefore, this option is possible to keep the enemy’s durability a little while raising the difficulty level. Conversely, if you want to lower the difficulty and play crispy, but it is a bit disappointing that the enemy is too soft and you will defeat your skills and weapons, you can also increase only the durability. I felt this specification was very grateful in that I could flexibly explore the exquisite difficulty settings to be played.

The other is that the options such as motion blur and camera swaying directing from the character of the character were under the 3D sickness item. If you are a 3D drunk person, you may often remember in your experience how to reduce your sickness. Nevertheless, I didn’t remember much of this summary on the optional screen, and I felt that it was a perfect specification. By the way, it is not under 3D sickness items, but of course it is also possible to play with resolution and FOV.

The point that I was a little worried is that the mouse sensitivity setting is below the camera settings, not the operation settings. Immediately after playing, the sensitivity setting was not found in the key binding settings on the mouse keyboard, and the DPI on the mouse side was unavoidable and deceived. Somehow, there was a prejudice that the sensitivity setting should be at the keybind, but since the setting item was washed again later, the sensitivity setting was finally found in the camera settings, so people with the same sense need to be careful. By the way, the sensitivity setting itself is prepared, and the sensitivity can be set separately at normal and ADS, and the stick sensitivity during the controller play can be adjusted here.

From now on, I will mention the content of the actual game. The preliminary experience session was mainly mainly the main mission at the beginning of the game, and the player’s alter ego, the boss, and the three friends were able to play the storyline until the three friends were to launch Saints. Although it is a spoiler, it is avoided to step into the content of the story in detail, but the story is designed to emphasize the charm of the character like a recent game, and the individuality and bonds of the four are drawn firmly from the beginning.

Of course, there is a stupid glue peculiar to the Sainz Row series, but it is relatively modest in the play range of the experience session. A human drama has been developed to make the character attached to the character firmly, and the immersion is high. It is also good that a simple and clear goal is also presented for players who build a new crime empire into a huge Santo Ileo city. The motivation of the character and the player is linked, and it is easy to keep the motivation of play in terms of enjoying the growth of the organization. It’s exactly like I’ll be a big one day.

Of course, in addition to the story line of the main mission, there are a large amount of submissions for dollar earning, called the side hustle. At the preceding experience session, I couldn’t touch much because of time, but this seems to be especially the usual Saints Row, which is a ridiculous climb action. Santo Ileo is a very vast city, and running around the city through these submissions is one of the real pleasures of this work.

The most impressive thing about game play is the customizability of this work. In particular, there are plenty of options that make your eyes turn around, especially for the appearance, weapons, and car customization of the player. The appearance of the boss can be changed at any time from the style app, and even if you suddenly change the gender of the boss during the conversation, the voice will be replaced from that moment. There are plenty of emoters that can be used in the city, furniture and objects that can be installed in churches, which are the base of the base, making it an irresistible freedom for those who are particular about it.

The battle is mainly a gunfight in orthodox TPS style. Most of the battles in the city are destroyed the enemy group with guns, and sometimes the elite enemies are mixed, but the opponent is basically attacked by numbers. Pineapple Express, which you learn at the beginning, is the skill of throwing a grenade into the enemy’s trousers and throwing it, but it is very easy to use because it can be involved in an explosion.

It is quite important how to aim for multi-killing with this skill because the pistol and rifle that you have from the beginning are scarce. In addition, the skills to put a smoke screen are prepared, and it is designed to make combat easier by using these utility skills instead of shooting. Of course, it depends on the difficulty setting, but it can be said that the battle has a firm and chewy gameplay. There is also a park (passive), and it seems important to replace it according to the mission and the type of enemy. In addition, there are plenty of battle scenes while riding various vehicles, and in the early mission, there was a scene where the tallets were destroyed while transferring to the roof of enemy vehicles one after another in the sandstorm.

Unfortunately, the Watotable, which is one of the core game mechanics in this work, was unfortunately unable to reach the scope of the pre-experience session. This Watotable is a system that establishes a venture company called Criminal Venture in various parts of Santo Ileo. Through this warotable, the control of the 14 regions of Santo Ileo is progressing, and new gameplay has been lifted according to the characteristics of each region. It seems good to expect a lot because this system is not only running around and shooting the enemy, but also has a wide range of game plays through the game.

Based on the above, I would like to say one of my personal impressions who played for about 3 hours, I was more attracted to the story than I thought. There was a masterpiece movie and an overseas drama-specific hook strength, and I was surprised at the storytelling that came to get interested from the beginning if I expected that the comedy color would be more intense. What kind of path between the main characters and Saints will follow and where will you reach? I felt that the main mission in the early stages was doing a stunning job in order to be motivated to play ahead.

Sainzro will be released on August 23 for PC (Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. In addition to the store benefits, pin batches and key chains are provided, and the PS4/PS5-only notebook edition is a special edition that has abundant artbooks and posters in addition to the DLC and Expansion pass.

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