How to install mods for Stray

Stray is a game of how to be a cat, and fans really like this unique feline adventure. But after you complete the game, you can look for ways to improve your impressions or go again-fashion enters the game here. This can make you ask how to install mods for Stray.

Depending on what type of fashion you install, the method is different. Some mods are installed the same, others are a little different. However, we grouped them together. Some require you to use the Stray folder to which you can access, Click with the right mouse button in your Steam library and selecting viewing local files . Here’s how to install mods in Stray.

With mods you download and install them at your own peril and risk . Some mods do not work with others, while others can ruin your game, so always check if the mod is working and whether it is safe for installation.

cosmetic mods for stray

To install cosmetic mods, you need to move the corresponding . Pak file to your folder for wander . These mods are relatively easy to install, but allow you to play for other cats, such as Siamese, a black cat with a mustache and others. Here’s how to install cosmetic mods:

  • Download files for mod.
  • Find the file.pak.
  • Place it in the SteamsteamappskMontrayhk_ProjectContentPaks folder.
  • Perhaps you will have to delete other files.pak, which already exist.

interface and graphic mods for Stray

These mods differ more in the installation method, but most often the creator of the mod includes instructions on how to install them after boot. These include mods, such as the buttons of the sound shutdown, photorealism and much more. To install them, check the fashion page to obtain detailed information on how to install them.

Although there are not many mods, they can add more quality of life to a delightful name. You can find mods that improve visual effects, reduce the user interface and add an extremely popular opportunity to change the appearance of your cat. Undoubtedly, over time, Stray will receive more extensive modifications and various ways to change the basic experience.

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