Here the first Black Panther trailer: Wakanda Forever!

Marvel ads do not stop. Although many are focused on the fifth and sixth phase of the MCU, you must first give an end to the fourth phase. The film in charge of this task will be Black Panther: Wakanda Forever_, which has released its first teaser.

As part of the Marvel Studios panel in San Diego Comic-Con, the first teaser of black Panther was revealed: wakanda forever, sequel to the beloved tape of 2018. On this occasion, we are given a new look at the characters that return from The first tape, like Okoye, but we also see Namor and Iron Heart for the first time.

**Black Panther: Wakanda Forever_ will arrive at the movie theaters on November 11, 2022. Another character take the Black Panther mantle. In related issues, these are the Fifth Phase films of the MCU. Similarly, the first details of the sixth phase of the MCU are revealed.

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