3 years, 3 years of Game Talent Resources first and 2nd graduates emission… What is the start -up rate?

[Game Moon Young-soo reporter] Game talented people established by the government to foster on-site game development talents recorded high-up business rates.

According to the game industry on the 5th, 25 out of 53 students of the 2nd trainee of the Game Human Resources Institute, who are about to graduate on August 30, have already completed their business. The 48 first-year trainees who graduated last year recorded a 78%of the start-up rate, and the 2nd trainees also showed a high driver’s rate.

The 2nd trainees of the Game Talent Resources Service were employed in startup game companies, including large game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, Craepon, Neople, Com2u, and Joy City, and founded the game development startup ‘Remora’. He also produced winners at the 2021 Busan Indie Connect Festival and 2021 Creative Bridge Festival.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who is in charge of the game talent, said, Currently, 25 people have been employed before graduation and have been inquiring about companies. We plan to continue to support students who have not decided to fulfill their dreams in their own abilities and aptitude.

Opened in August 2019, the Game Human Resources Service was designed to provide professional training in the game industry, especially for advanced convergence and composite technology and field-linked projects. The goal is to foster professional game developers by promoting employment-linked education to cultivate on-site practitioners by reflecting the voice of the industry. ▲ Game Planning (Design) ▲ Game Art (Graphic) ▲ Game Programming There are a total of three departments.

Game Talent’s education costs are free of charge and all resources required for education are supported by the state. The trainees are selected through a two-week free school every year, and the training period is a total of two years. In the first year, the basic education and short-term projects are required as a game developer, and on-site training is conducted through the game development team project and corporate internship in the second year.

The game talent is highly demanded for trainees from talented students as it can be performed even if it can be performed even if the project-oriented corporate field is customized.

In fact, the Game Human Resources Service has increased the government’s budget by 122% from 1.8 billion won to W4bn in recognition of its ‘excellent’ evaluation in the job evaluation of the Ministry of Employment and Labor last year and recognized for its effectiveness and futureity. The Game Human Resources Service has expanded its faculty from three to six this year, and completed the construction of the 2nd Campus at the end of the year, and will expand the trainees from 65 to 120 a year from next year. The Game Talent has recruited 4th trainees until last month.

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