Dot painting mystery Urban Legendary Description Center announced for Steam/smartphone. Approaching the identity of abominable urban legends, such as cursed boxes and different worlds

On August 6, Shueisha Games announced Urban Legendary Description Center . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/iOS/Android. The release schedule and price are undecided. Along with the announcement, Steam’s store page and official website are released.

Urban Legendary Description Center is a mystery adventure game that disseminates urban legends, which is being created by graveyard library. The stage of this work is a world where there is an Urban Legendary Description Center, which investigates spells and ghosts. The main character, Shoko Naosato, is the head of the Urban Legendary Description Center, and solved various requests with her psychic abilities. She seems to be approaching urban legends, the true identity and truth of urban legends, and the truth of urban legends, such as cursed boxes, accident properties, and different worlds. The published screenshot shows a conversation scene, testimony and evidence. In this work, the protagonist Shoko Naosato and the center director, Ayumi Kamiya, confronted the incident related to the curse box. The story will be drawn, including conversations between characters and urban legendary commentary by Toshikai-kun’s mascot-style characters.

The graveyard library that develops this work is a domestic indie game production team. As a past work, the Light Reasoning ADV Makoto Watakudo’s Case Book series was developed from September 2020. Currently, Makoto Watakudo Case Book-Executor’s Word of Executor, Makoto Watakudo Case Book 2-Hidden God Forest, Makoto Waido’s Case Book The Foot It is delivered to. It is produced based on the concept of reasoning adventure that can be cleared in one hour, and has exceeded the total of 200,000 downloads.

Makoto Watakudo Case Book-Executor’s Wedge is a special award at the special award at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2021 event for indie games released in the Google Play Store. We have won the award. According to the press release, the Urban Legendary Description Center is a new work born by Shueisha Game Creators CAMP and the graveyard paperback. I would like to look forward to the eerie urban legends and mystery tan, and the mystery that reveals their identity.

The Urban Legendary Description Center will be released for PC (Steam)/iOS/Android.

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