Amazon on the power rings: we do not do it because the lord of the rings is called, it is a great story

Only a few weeks are missing for one of the most anticipated series of the year to finally debute at Amazon Prime Video. Fantringsy fans are lucky, since in addition to the dragon’s house (August 22 in HBO Max), the lord of the rings: the power rings will transfer the spectators to the second age of the Middle Earth. Although the name of Tolkien’s work is a commercial feringst, the coshowrunner Patrick McKay hrings stated sharp that they have invested so much time and efforts in this product because their great story deserves to be told.

We are not doing this simply because the lord of the rings is called and because people make sequelae these days, he said in an interview with EW. We would never have sacrificed four years of our lives, 24/7 , if we had not been clear that there is a great story that deserves to be told on this large scale.

The pressure, something good?

The scale compared to other products is gigantic, although to profile the product they have had to carefully check the original source, the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. And it is that the community is fans of The Lord of the Rings ** does not conform with anything.

I would worry the actor who walked cringsually on the set of the Lord of the Rings, knowing the devotion of the fans and the respect that Tolkien deserves. There is nothing accidental about the King of the Elves, I love that followers love them. It is a privilege for us to be welcome in the Tolkien family, so the pressure is good.

JD Payne, the other showrunner of the power rings, hrings stressed that they have been very careful with the product to do it correctly, because they know what it means to many people. This is not a job you do for Pillar another job, you are aware that you will be part of your legacy forever.


The Lord of the Rings: The power rings will be releringsed on the next September 2 at Amazon Prime Video . From Meristation we are preparing some articles about the characters in the saga. Do you know Morgoth, the dark Lord? We provide all the keys in this text.

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