Wemade Play, Remaster Version Ani Pang 2 Pre -Reservation

[Wemade Play Park Ye-jin reporter] Wemade Play (CEO Lee Ho-dae) announced on the 10th that it will make a advance reservation ahead of the mobile puzzle game ‘Ani Pang 2’ Remaster 3.0 update.

Participants of the pre-booking through the Kakao Platform from 10th to 23rd will be given a limited edition decorating items such as a profile that can decorate the profile space and a gorgeous border, and a popular item such as ruby, stamp and lightning.

The remasters of Ani Pang 2, which will be held every year since 2020 and celebrated this year, focus on upgrading user environment such as graphics and design throughout the game.

In addition to the screen composition and button operation, the size of the major games and the information screen will be expanded. In particular, the remastered version will be a large-scale update to increase the completeness of ‘Ani Pang 2’ to meet the latest mobile devices and user levels, following the previous game engine replacement and system reorganization.

We have prepared an event to inform many people about the massive upgrade of the game and the completion of the three-year remaster project, said Yoon Deok-yong, head of Wemade Play Team. It will be.

Meanwhile, ‘Ani Pang 2’, which was released in January 2014 and celebrated its 8th anniversary this year, is a mobile puzzle game of Wemade Play, which recorded more than 18 million downloads. ‘Ani Pang 2’ is showing content such as 7,400 puzzle stages, fishing king, painting diary, and speed Grand Prix of Space and Ireland.

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