Microsoft launches serious accusation against Sony

Currently, the Brazilian Regulatory Commission, like other similar organizations worldwide, is studying the purchase of Blizzard Activision for approval. In this way, the opinion of several members of the industry has been taken. One of them was Sony, who pointed out the dangers that Call of Duty becomes an exclusive Xbox. Now, Microsoft has not only issued an answer, but has accused its Japanese competitor of paying developers so that they do not launch their Engame Pass games.

During the recent session by the Brazilian Regulatory Commission, a Microsoft representative refuted Sony’s previous comments, making it clear that Call of Duty will not become an exclusive Xbox . This was what was said about it in an extensive document:

To affirm that Call of Duty has loyal followers is a premise from which the conclusion is not derived that the game is a‘ game category per se ’.

Sony PlayStation itself, by the way, has an established base of loyal players to the brand. However, such finding does not lead to the conclusion that PlayStation, or any brand product with loyal consumers, is a separate market of all other consoles.

Extrapolar of such finding to the extreme conclusion that Call of Duty is a ‘category of games per se’ is simply unjustifiable under any quantitative or qualitative analysis.

Along with this, four points were shared, where Microsoft responds to Sony’s comments, who previously mentioned that including Activision Blizzard games would be anti-petitive . These are:

-The Microsoft strategy is not to remove content from the players , since Call of Duty will continue to be in PlayStation.

-The statistics point out that Users believe that subscribing to subscription services is another way to pay for games.

-The statements of Sony deny the nature of the subscription services, in addition to PlayStation already has extra and premium ps plus.

There are other similar services whose content is not in Xbox.

Along with this, Microsoft alleges that Sony has actively tried to hinder the growth of Xbox Game Pass , this by paying some developers for blocking rights, in exchange for accepting not to add their content to Game Pass.

Finally, Microsoft made it clear that Call of Duty will not be an exclusive Xbox, since not having games the series in PlayStation would not make commercial sense , because it would only be profitable if enough people jump to Xbox to compensate for the money Lost for not selling copies of PlayStation.

On related issues, you can learn more about Sony’s statements here. Similarly, Xbox Game Pass would grow substantially when the purchase of Blizzard Activision was completed.

Editor’s note:

Although Sony’s perspective is understandable in this case, Microsoft has made it very clear about its intentions with Call of Duty, and for the moment there is no proof that makes us think otherwise. In this way, Sony’s accusations should be taken carefully.

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