Problems with Tower of Fantasy – how to fix it

Tower of Fantasy is a massive multiplayer online game, and, as in most MMO games, when it launched, it had problems with stability. Problems with servers seem inevitable, as more than four million players have previously registered to start playing right away. This free game has its own problems with failures, but there are several things that you can do to fix them.

How to prevent Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will have many updates, as the developers try to correct problems as they appear. They even reward players with intra-game resources to apologize for inconvenience. At the moment, the game community has reported several problems with failures a few days after the launch:

  • Impossible to enter/disconnect from the server
  • Unsuccessful registration of account and entrance to the system
  • Non-receipt of purchases
  • The game crashes after a while
  • Lags of the game

Remember that some problems are well-known problems that regularly arise when starting popular games. Remember the time when Genshin Impact had a mistake for PlayStation? Or when did Warzone have problems with the server? To solve some of these problems and normalize the gameplay in Tower of Fantasy, try to perform the following actions:

Check the quality of your Internet connection

  • Tower of Fantasy is an online game, so you will need a stable and relatively quick Internet connection. Try to check the speed of the passage strip to be sure.

set the last Tower of Fantasy update

  • All online games have regular updates, and this is especially true when the game has just released. To avoid this, make sure the game is updated.

/ Check the drivers for your video card


  • New games require you to have the latest video card drivers if you play a PC game. Even some models of cards have problems with some games. If so, try installing new drivers. If the problem still exists, wait until the developers correct the problem.

Make sure you have fulfilled the minimum system requirements Tower of Fantasy.

Minimum Android System requirements for TOF

Processor * –snapdragon 660 or Kirin 710, 4 GB of RAM
Storage space * –12 GB

Minimum IOS system requirements for f

phone * —Ayphone 8 plus
tablet -2nd generation iPad Air
Storage space –12 GB

minimum systemic requirements for PC for Tower of Fantasy

Operating system *-Windows 7 with a package of update 1 (SP1), 64-bit version.
processor -Intel Core i5 or similar
Graphics -Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
DirectX *-version 11
at least storage room *-22 GB

How to quickly fix the problems with the departure of Tower of Fantasy

In most cases, you will face problems that developers already know about. But if Tower of Fantasy often flies away, even if you checked all the above problems, try the following quick correction methods:

  • Restart the game
  • Reload the device
  • Disconnect antiviruses and VPN programs
  • Reinstall the game as a last resort (you will not lose your progress in the game)

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