How to unlock and play Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy offers many entertainment in the game. You can explore the open world, solve puzzles and quests, fight with various monsters and bosses. For those who love battles, Bygone Phantasm is an ideal way to spend time. But he is not available at the start. This can make you ask how to unlock bygone Phantasm and how to play it.

how to unlock bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy

To unlock Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy, you must first reach 26 level . Most likely, it will be approximately at the time when you are in Bangee or Navia. Having done this, click the adventure button menu, and then go to call tab you will see the BYGONE PHANTASM in the second slot. Entering Bygone Phantasm, you can see your rank and rank of other players.

What is Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy?

Bygone Phantasm is a series of tests in which you struggle various groups enemies . Each floor is autonomous and gives bonuses to a certain weapon, which is recommended to you before the activation of fantasy. As soon as you activate the fantasy, you must defeat enemies in the allotted time.

How are you progress on the next floors, call will become more intense , increasing the complexity. This can be the addition of more enemies or stronger. There are hundreds of floors, and you can leave Bygone Phantasm at any time. If you die or you end with time, you can try again and try to improve your rank.


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