Know Elrond from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in this new Tering communityer Trailer

Lord Elrond returns to the Lord of the Rings: the power rings, thousands of years before the ring community is formed in the beautiful Rivendel. The new Amazon Prime Video series, set during the second age of the Middle Earth , marks the return of some of the best known characters of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. After showing Lady Galadriel, the platform hring community done the same with Elrond.

The relationship between Elrond and Durin is very complicated, said Robert Aramayo, which is put on the elf skin in the power rings. It looks between the sword and the wall, between friendship and duty . Should he choose one of them or can he sustain the delicate this delicate balance with precision? We will have the response very soon, when the first sering communityon is relering communityed on September 2.


The fans theory about Sauron fades

In the trailer of the comic with San Diego, the followers of Tolkien’s work believed to see Sauron , although with Annatar’s appearance. Thus he disguised himself when he tried to go unnoticed between the blacksmith elves to learn the secrets of the forge of the power rings.

Although the Dark Lord will be present, the producer Lindsey Weber hring community ring communitysured in statements to the magazine time that the blond character that appears in the trailer is not Sauron. In addition, she hring community confirmed that the actress who plays him is not Anson Boon, ring community she had speculated, she is Bridie Sisson.

The rings of being able to tell a story very earlier to that of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. In the middle of the second age, peace seems to spread through Middle Earth, but The forces of darkness act in the shadows and begin to penetrate their dark plans. Galadriel sees it with her own eyes, despite the skepticism that Elrond hring community. You haven’t seen what I have seen, she tells him.

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