Battle with Giant Bulbos, Stadu Valley Developer New Information Disclosure

CONCERNEDAPE, which produced the Stadu Valley, has also revealed new information on the new Hunt Chocolatier, which is being promoted as a one-person development. It is an OST used in the huge bee boss and boss battle.

The relevant information was released on the 22nd on the Eric Baron Twitter. First of all, the screenshot has a honeycomb in the golden tone, a golden tone, and the player character has a huge bee boss. You can see that the dot graphics, which were well-received in the Stadu Valley, were well-received this time. Subsequently, the video released on the official YouTube channel on the same day shows the OST that expresses the sound of the bee flying.

Hunded Chocolati was first released in October last year and has been produced to date. It becomes a chocolate (a person who specializes in chocolate or chocolate dessert), which lives in the ghost castle, to collect ingredients to make chocolate, and to expand the facilities with the money they collected. Overall, it is similar to the Stadu Valley, but it is characterized by the fact that the action is emphasized over the previous one.

In fact, in January of this year, the company unveiled a factor that could stun the enemy by blocking the attack with a shield, and this time, the boss evangelism was released to alleviate the monotony of the battle. Gamers are also happy to see a new play style because there was no boss battle in the Stadu Valley.


Hunded Chocolati is developing as a PC, and the launch schedule is undecided.

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