How to get rid of the study in Genshin Impact. The rhythm leading to the gloomy path. Local task.

The rhythm leading to the gloomy path is the local task to the poute, which is part of Aranaka: Part II is the children’s dreams World quest line. One of the main goals of this quest is to get rid of the gloomy path leaking inside in the forest. You can start this part after observing the roses of a pile to find a hidden song.

How to find a dendrine and get rid of wilting in the world task Rhythm leading to the gloomy path to the Pill for Genshin Impact

Follow the green pursuit or marker of the quest into the forest, and then use vintage lyre in front of the hollow play the rhythm of the gloomy path: mi> re> re> la . A hollow tree will turn into a portal-enter it to find a wilting area.

Start by getting rid of all enemies and activating the cradle of life to prevent suppression of decomposition. Then go to the very end of the cave to find a hollow tree trunk. As before, use vintage lyre before hollow play the rhythm of the gloomy path: ms> re> ms> re> la . This will open a portal leading to another cave.

Use a four-leaf printing to move to the rock with an arrow up. Then slide down to the sign with the arrow down. Some mushrooms will appear- defeat them to activate a favorable branch containing dendrogran . Call the dendrogran, then use a four-leaf printing to go through a hollow tree and return to the wilting zone.


Now that you have a dendrogen, shoot at three wilting branches to call on a student of Marana, as well as other mushrooms around the tumor. Defeat all enemies and interact with a wilting tumor to destroy it. You will receive an exquisite chest.

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