Is it worth it to pump colleagues in Genshin Impact

She is cute, and she has a background full of knowledge about Genshin Impact. But the resources in Genshin Impact are limited, especially if you play for free. We will help you decide whether to spend these valuable resources on Collei.

is it worth increasing the level of a colleague in Genshin Impact?

From the point of view of gameplay, we cannot recommend a knee . Its multipliers and the ceiling of the damage are not very high, which should not be surprised, given that she is a four-star character that you can get for free. Instead, her kit seems to be designed to make her specialist in dendro outside the field using her Elemental Burst, Trump Card Kitty.


The problem with this role for the college is the size of the field of its Elemental Burst and the internal kuldowns. When she throws a cuff-knit, leaving the dendro field behind, the field is not very large. The spontaneous explosion of the dendro of the traveler has a wider field, and it can be made even wider, amazing his center with the help of a hydro attack. The field from the flash, the colleague uses dendro in contact with the enemy, but then re-applied only three times during the nine-second outbreak. Such a long internal reloading makes this skill at best dull. For comparison, Dendro Traveler re-applies Dendro to enemies in the Elemental Burst field six times within 15 seconds.

If you like the design of a knee or you want to connect it with Amber in the real world, because they are forever best friends, dare. It always makes sense to play this game in its own way simply because you love characters. But since you can get Dendro Traveler and all its constellations are free through the gameplay, we cannot recommend investing in Collei instead of them.

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