SHOVEL KNIGHT DIG already has an output date

One of the games that is quite expected by lovers of the retro is neither more nor less than Shovel Knight Dig , the new entrance of this franchise that is now betting on the Roguelike market. And while, details had already been given around the gameplay, we still did not have the official launch date, but that unknown changed today.


Yacht Club Games has published a new trailer of the video game, which shows us a small sketch related to the search for this title, the most curious thing is that youtubers such as The complexist. and the Finish the footage, where they show us more gameplay, it is announced that the video game will be landing on the next September 23 .

Here the video:

As we mentioned, Shovel Knight DIG is a variant of the main game, since it has random elements that make it place within Roguelike’s genre, since some rooms are generated automatically. Keep some things of the star title, but it will be interesting to see how Yatch Club Games takes a turn to its franchise.

Remember that the title will reach Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade and PC .

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