The fee was 350 billion more, the Mobile Game Association Apple accusation

The Korea Mobile Game Association accused Apple to the Fair Trade Commission in August. In the amount paid by the consumer, 10%of the VAT must be charged as a commission, and 30%is applied to the amount containing the VAT, resulting in a 33%fee.

Gaon Kang, a lawyer who is in charge of the Korea Mobile Game Association’s legal actor, said, Google is pricing the remaining fees except VAT, but Apple is receiving fees including VAT. In addition, Apple added that overseas developers are paying fees from the amount of VAT unlike in Korea.

Attorney Kang Woo-joon explained, Apple’s actions are getting unfairly profitable in the dominant position, so it can be an unfair act prohibited by the Fair Trade Act, and can be seen as a violation of the Telecommunications Business Act. This year’s In-app Payment Anti-Proposal Act (Telecommunications Business Act) also includes prohibitions of imposing unreasonable conditions for developers by commissions. Therefore, the Korea Communications Commission, which is responsible for the in-app payment of the In-app payment, can also accuse the related contents.


Assuming that a consumer purchased a 11,000 won game, the VAT is 1,000 won. Apple receives 3,300 won, which applies to 30%to 30%, but Google receives a fee of 3,000 won by setting 10,000 won from 10,000 won to 10%.

The Korea Mobile Game Association claims that Apple has been collected over 350 billion won, based on the 11.600 billion won payment from the domestic Apple App Store from 2015 to 2020. Hwang Sung-ik, chairman of the Association, said, I don’t know that this problem did not come to the surface for a long time, he said.

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