What is Joe Burrow Madden 23?

Kvutterbek Cincinnati Bengalls Joe Burrow has a general rating 90 in Madden 23. . LSU star star in its third year in the league and demonstrated the ability to be an elite QB and earned a place as one of the best QB in Madden 23. Burrow transmission statistics are great, but it also has amazing sports qualities. Statistics for QB. Here are all the ratings of Joe Barrow.

passing rating

  • Throw force: 87

* Short accuracy: 97
* Average accuracy: 97
* Deep accuracy: 86
* Game action: 83
* Throw under pressure: 92
* Throw on the run: 89

Sports ratings

  • Speed: 83
  • Acceleration: 86
  • Dexterity: 82
  • Awareness: 82
  • Injuries: 88
  • Endurance: 92
  • Broken bag: 88
  • Direction: 80

Joe Burrow is also a X-Factor player with the X-Factor Run and Gun and has the abilities of Sideline Deadeye, Fearless and Set Feet Lead Superstar.

Additional management of Madden 23 cm. In the section How to use MarketPlace in Madden 23 Ultimate Team in professional games.

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