Rainbow Six: New Pampas stays with the first place in South6 at the end of the week

Starting Day 5 in the Rainbow Six Maximum League in the South we see how the squads seek Winners, but the domain of Pampas is present those who do not want to release the first position.

Beginning with the duel of May cam Evolve against Salinas Gaming, both squads managed to enter the confrontation of very good way with an aggression that did not allow yield With an inf me that hits all the shots to get several casualties that give him power to get victory.

For the second confrontation New stars fight Furious Gaming where we see the skull team take the advantage at the beginning of the game, but the stars would not leave and take some rounds for them, things looked couples until FG took Blaze to take The advantage that was gradually extended to consolidate the victory within the meeting.

In the third game New Pampas is measured with Leviathan with foxes that have been fighting the first place from the first weeks, leaving things in clear Pampas begins with the right foot to get favorable rounds for them and with a RE77erww that manages to give the casualties Fast that give the advance to their squad, getting the sea dragon falling we see how the foxes take the victory.

Finished with Taurus’s game against Hawks we see that both teams were motivated, the hawks had not given the best results these days, and now they have They, letting sharks bit with great force to consolidate a triumph for them.

After four very intense meetings, the Pampas squad maintains first place within the general table, giving a cathedral how to play R6, on the other hand Salinas manages to maintain the second position and look for more points after the Today’s defeat, with the end of the southern teams, they finish the action of the week and wait for the next day.

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