After 7 years: DOSB separates from Schimmelpfennig

The former sports director of the German Table Tennis Association involved the DOSE in March 2015.
Among his essential jobs is the execution of the questionable competitive sporting activities reform.
At the Olympic Gaming in Pyongyang, Tokyo and Beijing, the 60-year-old was additionally head of the German group’s goal.

As the German Olympic Sports Association introduced on Monday, the umbrella organization and also Dirk Schimmelpfennig will go different paths in the future.
Organization leader Thomas Water described this as a normal procedure as well as said: In view of the huge obstacles for competitive sports, we involved the evaluation that we require a new, employees impulse.

The decision was difficult for the DOSE management.
Schimmelpfennig will certainly perform his jobs until completion of the year.

The follower should be cleared up prior to the basic conference on December 3 in Baden-Baden.

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