Megalopolis, the new SCI movie

Megalopolis , the new and expected science fiction film by Francis Ford Coppola with the actor Adam Driver (Kylo Ren in the trilogy of sequels of Star Wars) at the head of a spectacular distributional who recently He added Shia LeBoeuf (Transformers)-will have the LED technology volume Stage in its filming, the famous visual technology applied in Star Wars series The Mandalorian and that never before h been before used in cinema. This is collected by media such Collider, sharing the impressions of those responsible in the use of a a new way of rolling that will be combined with traditional methods, they say.


Megalopolis will be shot in TRYSTS STAGES

Thus, Prism Stages h announced that Megalopolis will be the first film to shoot with the new LED volume Stage technology Trinity Studios in Atlanta, a first level ecosystem for physical production, which includes practical lighting, Chamber in hand, integrated into a volume of virtual production of the latest generation, according to Prism, allowing filmmakers to incorporate elements Never seen in the filming of Megalopolis.

Coppola , meanwhile, adds that I am enjoying working with Prism in Trinity. On the other hand, the producer of the film, Michael Alderman , h deepened his experience with this new technology: What is unique and exciting to film Megalopolis in Prism in Trinity is that we can unite the experience, the techniques and the traditional film team with the most advanced virtual production capabilities in the same space, accessing the best of the physical and digital options available for filmmakers today.

Recall that this new way of rolling allows you to apply any fund that is previously designed in production through huge screens with very high resolutions, giving an amazing appearance to any scene without having to look Better context to interpreters about locations. A technology that h been used in series such The Mandalorian and that now makes the leap to the cinema by Francis Ford Coppola.

Megalopolis will start filming in November and will run until March 2023 with a budget of about 100 million dollars and a ct formed by names such Adam Driver and Shia LeBoeuf along with Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jon Voight and Laurence Fishburne. Its premiere is scheduled for the end of 2023 .

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