The dream of a collapsed cloud game, Google Stamia Service folds

The Google Cloud Gaming Service, which was first unveiled at GDC in 2019 and attracted many people’s attention, declared the end of the service in three years. Stamina was expected to be a cloud gaming leader who emerged as a new technology at the time, but could not root the market.

On the 29th, Google announced its plan to end and refund the Stamina Service on its official blog. According to this, Stadia will be terminated on January 18, next year, and all games, including Google Stadia hardware and DLC, which consumers have purchased, will be refunded. Stamina Pro, a paid service subscription product, is not included in the refund, but is available for use without additional payment until the end of the service.

A few years ago, Stadia, a general consumer service for general consumers, said. We built it based on strong technology, but we did not get much consumer attention as expected, so we made a difficult decision to stop the service.

However, the foundation technology secured by building Stadia will continue to be used in other fields of Google, such as YouTube, Google Play, and AR, and continue to invest in new tools, technologies, and platforms that support developers, partners, cloud customers, creators. I added. In fact, Google unveiled ‘Emerges Streaming For Games’, a B2B service that can provide game trials in the cloud method through Google Developer Summit in March, and in June Biohazard Village Experience version. It was also distributed through.


Stamina gained expectations that it would provide a gameplay environment that is not caught in the device specifications before its launch. However, since the launch, paid service users have not been able to buy games individually, the number of games that are insufficient than competing products, and unstable services that are difficult to play, and have virtually failed to build a position. Since then, Stadia has not been able to achieve remarkable results, and it is reported that it will be closed in three years.

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