LOL: The eliminated object that returns after two years of waiting and demonstrates a great change of Riot

Following its usual calendar, Riot Games has already revealed the great changes that will reach League of Legends on the occasion of the next preseason. Developers have prepared great transformations to many of the game systems for season 13. We will have new communication options or settings that will make our passage through the jungle more entertaining and simple. However, to the great projects of the developer we must also add some more discreet movements that will not generate less discussion among the community. Among them, the return of a mythical object that two years ago disappeared without a return date.

The eliminated object that returns after community requests

Available in the BE in an imminent way and with a launch date on live servers scheduled for the next day, The agent rod returns to League of Legends . After disappearing exactly two years ago as part of the sacrifices carried out by Riot Games to introduce the new object system, the developer has changed her point of view to yield to the constant requests of the community. Recognizing that they have not found a reliable way to replace it, they simply abandon these attempts to give the players what they want.

Although adapted to become a mythical item, the new version of the rod of the ages is practically identical to the one that was eliminated a couple of years ago . This is because Riot Games has assumed the difficulties in replacing it. The developers pointed out in a talk with journalists who tried first with the introduction of creatrietas and later with the crown of the Queen. However, in no case ended up satisfying that niche formed by just five or six champions that truly benefited from this item.


In addition, Riot Games has confirmed a small philosophical change. The aged rod was eliminated because it was barely used by four or five champions that bought this object in all their games, something that threatened the diversity of objectives of Riot Games items. In this sense, League of Legends developers have claimed to have become somewhat more flexible . The new logic according to the company is that if someone wants to buy the same item all the games because it is more fun or meets the fantasy of his champion, he must do so.

We will have to see how the introduction of the aged rod to the characters that traditionally used it. The truth is that there are several candidates to get a lot. It may be, for example, the biggest opportunity to shine for Rye after the power reductions that made him one of the worst characters of League of Legends. Also, Assassin or Viktor , who have good escalations to the late game, could greatly benefit from this addition.

As a reminder, the rod of the ages is not the only object that will reach League of Legends on the occasion of the preseason. There will also be a whole assortment of mythical items for the tanks or the dreaded Shoji spear will return. As usual, once the changes are available we will face an extremely chaotic scenario while Riot Games prepares equilibrium settings that take us from a desperate and exciting preseason until the tranquility that is expected in season 13.

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