Valve got the delivery difficulties of Steam Decks delivery – when asked, the device is already passed into the bucket container

Valve’s Steam Deck mask can now be purchased even without any sort of pre-reservations.

Since July, the surprisingly popular Steam Deck may have been scored via the pre-reservation system, with queuing times, at times of reckless length.
Now, those worst delivery difficulties seem to have been overcome, as all three models of slightly different price and iron are available on Valve’s pages for this year.

The 256 gigabytes of gigabytes can be obtained home up to less than a couple of weeks-of course, availability varies slightly by region.
More information on Valve’s Steam Deck product page, here.
More on:
* Valve revealed his portable Steam Deck game device-pre-reservations start on Friday night
* Valve had to postpone Steam Deck’s release from December to next year

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