If you cry, Akan! The ADVRPG Meg and Begamono of the little girl and the beast trial version -escort a girl who inadvertently destroys the world [STEAM NEXT Fes]

From October 3 to October 10, Steam is holding NEXT Festival . There are many concerns such as the trial version of the game scheduled to be released and the distribution by developers, and it is a notable event that gamers cannot be overlooked.

In this article, the people who are busy modern gamers who are busy with no hundreds of titles in just a week. Yes, for you, GAME*Spark will deliver one of the recommended books from a number of trials.

This time, we will introduce the trial version of the adventure RPG Meg and Biggotomon , which has been developed by OPENCAST and mixed with warmth and sadness.

What is Meg and Big Motion ?

This work is developed in a heart full story that is woven by the monsters living in the Sakai and the human girls who have lost their way. The protagonist, Roy , and their buddy, Moran , will be a parent of parents of Meg of the mysterious little girl, Meg .

For some reason, if Meg cries, there is a risk that the world will be destroyed , and Roy, who knows that fact, will protect her. In a battle with a familiar configuration, Roy, who has already shaken his physical strength gauge, overwhelms other monsters, but when the important Meg cries, it ends in the world **. It features a unique system.

According to the report of this work in Bit summit X-Roads in August, it is a style-oriented style, and the battle is not the main. It was designed with stress-free so that all users could enjoy a story with strong message.

In addition, this work is compatible with multiple languages such as Japanese, , including button notation full controller support .

Avenge on swords and magic… still unusual modern orientation

I thought that it was a common medieval thing because of the magic and monsters, but it was a science fiction-like development that betrayed the forecast.

When the game starts, the protagonist with the right arm of the crab hand, which is not a scissor hand, is trapped in a pod-like space. When I told someone with a blunt, the computer probably took Roy’s intention and put him on the rocket.

Roy, who seemed to think somewhere, jumped over the sky and suddenly started talking about the view of the universe seen from the window. The story of this work seems to be spun in order in the form of Roy’s reminiscence after everything is over.

Going back, Meg, the key person of this work, awakens at the bottom of an unknown Sakai. After that, I searched for his mother and happened to encounter Roy and this was the real beginning.

In the dangerous magic world, monsters hate humans and eat them. I don’t think it’s possible for a little girl to be able to live long, because of loneliness and ignorance, because of loneliness and ignorance. In fact, she was about to be eaten immediately, but Meg, who was appropriate for the age of both physically and mentally, began to cry.

Then, the screen flashes red, and the world itself shakes violently. Even the huge monster of the hundred battles has to feel the danger of Meg, which can destroy everything. Anyway, Roy, who realized that Meg should not make Meg cry, took the hostage of the world in a long way to help her mother.

Double battle to hit with your right hand and lose your left hand!

You can play only the first stage in the trial version, but you can play the basic parts such as exploring adventure parts, conversations, and RPG parts battles. In particular, the symbolic system of this work that fights against the enemy while protecting Meg was explained in a polite tutorial.

A large and muscular look, a powerful Roy, his physical strength at the start of 5 digits at the start, and does not flutter with a little soft attack. However, the enemy’s attack goes through the Meg in the back differently, and if the quantified Meg’s mood becomes zero, it will be virtually over.

As the story progresses, you can use toy to take the mood of Meg and recover. Originally, for Meg, which has a low maximum gauge, it has almost all recovery effects, but it should be noted that it can not be used many times.

In a battle, it is important to defeat your opponent as soon as possible. Select action at the right time, attack, defend, or recover. If you can accurately grasp those times and go out, you can make the battle advantageously.

There was no level concept in this work , and there was no encounter battle in the trial version, but if you win the battle, Roy will grow and learn the skill. A powerful technique is absolutely indispensable to defeat the enemy quickly, and in some places, it may cause unexpected damage.

Most monsters are not Roy’s enemy, but they seem to be bosses. As Roy is a Roy, the boss class seems to be like even because it fires thousands of damage. In the boss battle, it is easy to say that Meg is or not, but if you can not practice what you have learned so far, you may lose normally.

The worldview that cannot be said only by kindness

Overall, this work is visual and atmosphere of all ages A category, but that is not the end. Just like light has darkness, fairy tale also has a serious side. Otherwise, a straight story will not work.

Roy, who has lived in a decadent and strict magic world and lives a survival with a muddy black liquid, knows what is important by interacting with a small human called Meg… such a scenario can be read from the end of this work. I think.

At first glance, the hero takes off his skin to send a lost girl to her mother, but that’s why it is necessary to devise it. In the case of this work, the state of the magic world like a slum is expressed without wrapping it, and the reality that is unrelated to fantasy is spreading.

Monsters also think that humans are only food, and they often try to eat someone, but if they are born and raised in such a place, it is not surprising. Looking at it, it may be that Roy does not show it, because Meg starts crying, and the world is destroyed again. Is it a fairy tale that the enemy doesn’t die, and the blood does not blow out.

A gentle story that no one dies goes well with a dark base like a poverty town where the odor of Dob comes on his nose. Conversely, when drawing a muddy suspense or horror, I feel that the pop and dreadful background surrounded by beautiful girls looks better.

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to say anything about this work. The depiction that my partner Moran is connected to the back, and the power of Meg related to it. Why did you fall to the Sakai in the first place? And the life and death of Meg’s mother, the relationship with her daughter’s power, which could destroy this world. Maybe it’s a bad end.

In this work, the battle element was thin because it was a story main, so I was able to complete the trial version without much trouble. For those who are not good at working on domestic RPGs, such as raising the level, they are very happy.

The face of a dot-like dot in the game, the UI in the battle, etc. are very similar to the famous JRPG of the old days. However, that does not mean that the excitement comes together, and I think that the part of the developer of this work is also large.

In the reminiscence scene that appeared at the end of the trial version, there were scenes that came out unintentionally.

Meg and Big will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in the winter of 2022.

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