Sonic mocks Marios design in his film

When the first poster of the movie of Super Mario Bros _. It was revealed, the fans immediately realized that something was not well with the design of the plumber. Many pointed out that the buttocks were basically non-existent. In this way, the official account of the Sic The Hedgehog movie took this opportunity to make fun of his archenemy.

Through his official Twitter account, Sonic made fun of the lack of meat in Mario’s back , something that many expected to be corrected in the first advance, but this was not the case. This was what the blue hedgehog commented:

Controversial design of the bottom of the body? I can’t relate.


This is not only a mockery to Mario’s design, but that of Sonic himself. As you will remember, The revelation of the blue hedgehog in his film was controversial . All aspects of this character were severely criticized for several days on the Internet. Fortunately, Paramount listened to the public, and changed the visual aspect of Sonic. Will we see the same with Mario and Illumination?

In related issues, producer of Sic The Hedgehog reveals whether the redesign was planned or not. Similarly, Charles Martinet appreciates the support he has received from fans.

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