[Photo Essay] Wonshin Pop -up Store, to the stars and abyss!

Last summer, ‘Won shin’, which held a big event in Debit Island, will be offline again. Just as you soothe the pandemics in the past few years, it’s impressive to have held events at a short interval. Won sin’s event is a pop-up store where you can buy official game goods and enjoy various events at the event.

Won sin 2022 Fall Pop-up Store is located at Inchon, Seoul, Seoul, and will be open for 10 days from October 14 to 23. Normally, these pop-up stores tend to be large in one space and have a lot of events, goods sales, and photo zones. While decorating the entrance to the outside, there was a mini-game zone and a game demonstration zone near the basement of the main building.

If you move along the underground connection passage, there is a donut zone, and inside the main store is a pop-up store with full-fledged goods sales, adventurer guilds and photo spots. While watching the three pop-up store composition of Won shin, I wanted to be appropriately distributed, but it wasn’t. On weekday morning and 19th, I was embarrassed to see the 256 team’s 256 teams as of 10:30 am. I was surprised that there were so many travelers who loved Won shin.

The summer festival held in Debit Island was also a big issue when so many users visited, so this pop-up store suddenly became cold and could realize as much as the weather that digs out. I set it to enter a thorough reservation system, and even though I distributed the number of people and space as much as possible, it was easy to see many users waiting for each district. It’s a weekday morning, even though it’s an early time.

In fact, I was worried at first. The event, which runs for about two days or two, has no significant change, but offline events, which run for nearly a week, tend to decrease the number of participants over time. This is the same with many other events as well as games. So I thought it might be empty if there were few people at the Won shin Offline Event. As such, Won shin is certainly a very popular title in Korea.

Looking around pop-up stores, one of the most words I heard is traveler. While the helpers introduced the event and showed the atmosphere, the adventurer guild was in the adventurer guild like the actual game, and I was thankful for checking the adventure journal and stamping. I was able to take a commemorative photo together.

The event itself is not different from other game offline events. The pop-up store had a lot of goods, and there were many varieties. But the atmosphere was very different. In the past, if the users were happy with each other, this time, the helper of the event will create a pleasant atmosphere.

This does not mean that it showed great and excellent directing. However, these small things are gathered to fill the atmosphere with the event and the fun of the users who enjoy it. Of course, there are some users to be embarrassed, but it’s ashamed and fun to make a smile. Won shin’s pop-up store knows that point and the small things that users love and seeing them to take care of it.

This Won sin Store will be open until October 23rd and this weekend. If you are a favorite user who likes Won shin, it is worth a visit and another expectation. Including until November, it is a prayer that prepares three offline events in the second half of the year. It was an expectation that Won shin, who also participated in G-Star, is preparing for what events and compositions they are in G-Star.

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