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In recent years, the number of confirmed coronas has been reduced, and at the same time, the full mask has been released during outdoor activities. In recent years, however, the weather has become chilly due to rapid temperature changes, and there are signs of rebound in Corona 19 fashion, and severe and fatal rates are on the rise.

In addition to the flu trend, the number of infections can be increased once again, so don’t let go of the tension.

In November, we have prepared an article ‘SKYWALKER’ by ‘IT Inn November Recommendation & Parts’ by ‘Sky walkers’, which allows you to check computer quotation consisting of various parts.

SKYWALKER has been consistently answering gamers’ inquiries on IT tories quotation bulletin boards for a long time, and also answers additional questions and questions about quotes. Based on the career of IT blogs, I share various hardware information and work as an IT tory recommendation quote.

Based on the hard knowledge and interest in hardware, ‘Computer Recommendation and Parts Information of this Moon’ is expected to be helped by InBev gamers when you buy new computers or questions about parts. Do.


In addition, the components of the computer quote, the manufacturers of the components, and the price-to-performance and utilization of the product can be divided by user, and it is difficult to see that there is a clear answer. Leaving your opinion is a welcome at any time, but please refrain from the act of damage to the author with aggressive remarks and personal attacks. Thank you

Hello Sky walkers.

Last month, the 13th generation CPU and GeForce 4090 graphics cards are being launched, and the launch of the new hardware is running towards the end. This month, if the next-generation AMD Ryzen RX 7000 series is announced on November 4th, and it will be released in December, the new hardware release of the year will be completed.

In addition, as Intel’s external graphics card ARC is released, the graphics card is likely to be in the form of Tampa. Of course, ARC still has a long way to go, but considering that it is the first product, I think it will become one of the perfect options in the years.

In the case of the CPU, AMD Rafael and Intel Raptor Lake were unfortunate than I thought. He did not see the product that could be seen that it exceeded the previous generation 5800x3D. On the contrary, the benches of the two companies were not a bench for 5800x3D.

In terms of famous community site CPU benchmark data, gaming performance was 116.8%for 13900K and 116.6%for 5800x3D in order when 12600K was 100%standard, and 13700K and 7950X were 112.7%, 7900x 112.2%, and 7700x 111.4% 7600X 110.5%and 13600K 107.2%. In terms of numerical performance, the performance difference showed a difference of less than 7%, which is determined by the game environment depending on the graphics card level.

In addition, since the previous generation has not had a big difference in performance, the price has been eaten as well as the price and the temperature has increased.

Starting this month, a new CPU will also be included in the quotation configuration. However, in the case of AMD, the 7th generation Rafael configuration is small because it consists of a special CPU called 5800x3D and thread ripper.

■ Office composition

From the 7th generation Rafael, a CPU with built-in graphics has been released. However, since the products belonging to the low-end type are not released, the previous generation products will be recommended for the time being. It is the same 4600g-based composition as last month.

However, since the motherboards that support the AM4 socket are the end, most of the products are sold out or just before out of stock. Please refer to the motherboards configured as a product that is actively distributed when purchasing.

The 13th generation Raptor Lake is also released only the K version, which is the top product line, so the previous generation products are recommended for the time being. This is the same G6900 and H610 motherboards. Memory is composed of 16 gigabytes of dual channels and is suitable for simple office purposes such as surfing online and document work.

It is the same 5600g Cezanne-based composition as last month. As mentioned earlier, the motherboard can consist of active distribution among the B450, A520 or B550 products. If you focus on tasks that require fast speed, change the SSD to NVMe products will make it much higher.

This is a combination of the G7400 Elder Lake Pentium Gold and the H610 motherboard. This is a CPU with 2 Core 4 threads and UHD710 built-in graphics. The current distribution situation in the panty gold lineup is not smooth, so we also recommend the i3-12100 product with built-in graphics.

■ Game composition

The new CPU has been released, but the price barrier is high due to the forced DDR5 memory and the high price of the motherboard. Therefore, in the general game, AMD or Intel used the cost-performance product of the previous generation. It is the same 5600-based composition as last month. The difference in game performance with 5600X is only 0.53%, and the price range is formed in the early 190,000 won, which is the best CPU.

The motherboard mentioned earlier in the office composition, but please construct a product with a smooth distribution. The graphics card is composed of Radon 6600 AT, the same product line as last month, and you can select a wide range of options from 1660 Super to 3060 ti.

It is the same 12400F-based composition as last month. Intel has a three-year free AS, the same as its 12th generation. The configuration is genuine, but you can check the price difference from bulk products and select reasonably. The graphics card is the same as the AMD configuration of RX 6600 AT.

As mentioned earlier, please expand your options from 1660 Super to 3060 Ti for your game. The graphics card is also released from the 4090, the top product line, the new generation of RTX 4000, and the entry-level product will be released, so RTX 3000 and RX 6000 products are recommended for the time being.

It is the same 5700X-based composition as last month. The biggest advantage of 5700X is that it shows similar performance as 5800X, but shows low temperatures. In addition, in the case of 5800X, the high temperature requires the motherboard and the CPU cooler to be a good product, so the amount of money was not large, while the 5700X was very free to select the motherboard and the CPU cooler.

The graphics card consists of 3070 Ti, but you can use it with a flagship product of 3080ti or more or 6900 AT. You can choose within the amount you can invest.

It is based on 12600kf, the same as last month. You can use any Motherboard of the B660 until 12400F, but if you go to the K version, it’s a good idea to carefully select the motherboard of the B660 chipset. It is recommended that you construct a motherboard with driver moppets rather than N-channel Moss pet, which has a lot of power efficiency. The graphics card is composed of 3070 Ti, and as mentioned earlier, you can use the flagship product without bottleneck.

It is a 5800x3D configuration with tremendous rains and high game performance. The graphics card consists of 3080 Ti. The more games you send and receive game data in real time, the more 5800x3D will be shown. Currently, 7,000 units have been released, but the game limited competitiveness is still the highest level.

In the AMD configuration, as mentioned earlier, the motherboard is mostly sold out or just before sold out. If you can afford it, you can combine the graphics card with 4090 to make it the best gaming machine.

The newly released 13th generation Raptor Lake is the youngest 13600KF-based composition. The performance has been improved by 7%compared to 12600K. Combined with the Z790 chipset motherboard and DDR5 memory released together.

Since it is in the early days of its launch, the Z790 chipset’s motherboard has little options. It can be compatible with the 12th generation motherboard and compatible, so if you want a better configuration, you can consider a strong B660 chipset or Z690 chipset.

■ High-end configuration

The newly released 7000 Rafael’s oldest 16-core 32 thread is based on the 7950X-based composition. The motherboard also consists of the top chipset, the X670e, and combined with the DDR5 memory with the RTX 4090. Although the game performance is followed, it is especially a system that can be used in various ways because it shows excellent performance in terms of work performance.

In the case of graphics cards, the choice is still narrow, so you can choose the manufacturer in consideration of the distribution situation.

13th generation Raptor Lake i7-13700KF is based. As it entered the 13th generation, the number of E-cores doubled compared to the previous generation, making it a 16-core 24 thread in 12 core 20 threads. The game’s performance has improved, but as the core and threads have increased, the work performance has improved compared to the previous generation.

As mentioned earlier, there are not many Z790 motherboard options. The motherboard, which supports DDR4 memory, has also been released, but now it is recommended to construct DDR5 memory. The motherboard can be selected in consideration of the quality of the power supply according to the distribution situation.

■ Workstation configuration

This is the same as last month, 5000 thread ripper 5975WX Chagall Pro configuration. It is a CPU that boasts a high specification of 32-core 64 threads, and is appropriate to configure deep learning, hard graphics and video tasks, and multiple broadcast transmission of content creators.

The 5000th thread ripper has been released in three types of 24c/48T 5965WX, 32C/64T 5975WX, 64C/128T 5995WX, and all CPUs are 280W, offering amazingly compared to core and threads. I think it would be best to recommend it as a relevant configuration until the next generation’s thread ripper is released.

13900KF, the eldest brother of the 13th generation Raptor Lake. It adopts eight P core (8c/16t) and 16 e-core (16C/16T) to provide the best environment not only in the game but also in the working environment. As mentioned earlier, the motherboard and graphics card are flexible, but the motherboard is recommended to be composed of a product with a strong power supply that provides stable power.

Intel has no product line that can cope with Thread ripper. If the Core X series is not released, this configuration is maintained for the time being.

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