Dwarf Fortress already h a relee date in Steam, and it is immediate

It is strange to see a game with more than 16 years on top of having a relee date, set for this same December 6 , but that is precisely what Bay 12 Games and Kit fox Games have announced with DWARF Fortress, the Title that inspired clsics such Rim world, Prison Architect and other management games but whose scale, depth and level of detail challenges all logic. Each game implies the creation of a new world, with civilizations that are born and die, leaving their mark on the future of history and inviting us to do the same with our incipient dwarf kingdom. Will we prosper, or perhaps we are grs of some primal error when digging, in our greed, too deep?

An optimized version for a new wave of players

The original game, with CII graphics, h been free all this time and will continue to be. Its Steam launch of an augmented version responds to a need for its creators to get more financing to pay for certain medical expenses. Even so, his will h remained firm of to keep the free version in parallel and make sure that the continued development of the game, which is far from finished, remains in both versions.

The Steam version adds graphics, a tutorial and multiple interface, control and organization improvements in order to make the most intuitive title in its enormous complexity. When I arrive, it will not do it with all the facets of the original game, since there are modes such adventure that will need an extra work of months to be taken to the new environment and the interface. But the main way of strength, which will allow us to create, manage and supervise a dwarf fortress, will be available and from there the game will continue to grow and evolve. Legends mode will also be available, which will allow us to get lost in the stories, myths and epic of the world that h been generated.

If you want to know more about the kind of crazy stories than the combination of human will and procedural simulation, you can read the chronicle of one of the most famous strengths in the history of the game: Boat murdered.

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