Fifth personality, Munho Stray Dogs Collaboration Event 1st

Armed detective investigators come to the manor.

On the 3rd, the fifth person started a collaboration event with the popular animation ‘Munro Stray Dogs’. Munro Stray Dogs is an ability battle action that allows you to meet the detectives of the Japanese talents named after the Japanese gate, such as At sushi Natalia, SAMU Dalai, and Kanagawa Cynosure.

Munro Stray Dogs Collaboration begins with a mysterious request from a special detective armed detective. The main contents of the event are what happens as detective investigators come to the old manor to solve the request. In this collaboration, you can see a variety of survivors, including At sushi Natalia, which transforms into a white tiger, an unparalleled intelligent figures Dalai SAMU, and Do Radio, which is respected by the ability of heroine.


The fifth person will be sold for a limited time at a 20% discount on the first week of the first week of the mercenary ‘Skin-Nakajima At sushi. The prisoner ‘Skin of the Great-Dazai SAMU’ and the Prisoner ‘Essential Accessories-Dazai’s Reading Book’ can also be found in a 32% discount package.

Along with this, a commemorative event will be opened. If you complete the collaboration mission, you can get a border and accessories Natalia Atsushi-Tiger Tail. ‘Natalia Atsushi-Tiger Tail’ can be upgraded by using coins. In addition, the painter pays all players through the mail, Edgar Land and Edgar Land Cola bur Spray, Edgar Land Collar Profile, and Painter-unique Accessories-Glasses.

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