1 year inauguration

Yew Young-sang, CEO of SK Telecom, said on the 7th, We will leap to SK Telecom’s unique ‘AI Company’, which adds AI to connection technology based on the telecommunications.

CEO Yew Sang-sang presented the evolutionary vision of SK Telecom 2.0, AI Company, which benefits customers with technology and services, at the town hall meeting for members of the company.

Representative Yew said, SK Telecom 2.0 vision has been clearly and clearly summarized by the efforts of the previous 1. We will keep it more efficiently and collaborate.

In order to achieve the AI Company Vision in SK Telecom’s way, the current five major business groups will be innovated into three strategies.

For example, the plan is to reorganize the core beads to AI, and to reorganize customer relations with AI service. Last year, SK Telecom divided the entire business into three keywords, based on the three keywords of customers, technology, and services, into five divisions of the five major business divisions.

■ Core industries such as telecommunication media… switch to AI

In accordance with the new strategy, ‘Core Biz as AI’ refers to a way to secure new growth engines by converting existing core businesses such as wired and wireless communication, media, and enterprise into AI.

For example, the company plans to showcase ‘AI NO’, which improves the entire wired and wireless communication process and applies AI to the entire process of using the service so that customers can use the entire process from searching to subscription and use online.

The media area will showcase ‘AI Media Player’, which integrates media assets scattered with IPTV, channels, and T commerce, and combines AI technology to provide customized content to customers.

In the enterprise area, the company plans to redefine business with ‘AI Enterprise’, which supports customers’ conversion of AI, focusing on six core businesses of data centers, dedicated lines, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data, and AI.

■ AI-based service… Expanding user contacts

‘Customer relationship innovation as AI service’ is to apply new technologies and contents to AI-based services such as ADDED, E-Friend, and T Space to make AI services more closely related.

ADDED plans to continue its core capabilities by discovering killer services to draw customers’ use, and investing in companies with AI core technologies, characters, and content-related capabilities while adjusting the contents’ priority of the current services.

With global expansion, I Friend will take a leap into a global top tier meta bus service, and continue to expand social functions, and introduce a crypto-based economic system that links Iceland’s goods with the real economy. It is a policy.

The T Space will establish a subscription-only platform to guide customers with optimal subscription products through AI and evolve into AI-based commerce subscription platforms that provide subscription-based growth opportunities for partners.

■ AIX… Strengthening digital conversion capacity

‘AIX’ is to find and invest in companies that require AI or digital conversion (DT), and spread the AI and DT capabilities owned by SK Telecom.

SK Telecom expects to be able to identify various AIX cases by upgrading services using AI technologies such as X-Caliber in the healthcare area through robots and vision AI in the manufacturing area or using AI technologies such as X-Caliber in the healthcare area.

SK Telecom is based on these three strategies, and will establish its corporate value to more than 40 trillion won by 2026 and become Korea’s representative AI Company.

■ SET SKB brand simultaneous renewal

SK Telecom also unveiled the renewal brand of T (SKT) and B (SK Broadband), which symbolizes the leap to the AI Company.

The renewal brand means that it will open a new world, new business, and new life beyond the familiar stereotypes and limitations with the design of the door open to the future with the motif of ‘Open’.

The brand’s representative index, T Blue, means future orientation and technology, and emphasizes synergy between both brands by applying the same color system to T and B’s brand renewal to provide a consistent and unified experience to customers.

The renewal brands of T and B will soon be introduced throughout the major site, and will be introduced in the entire customer contact point, and the company plans to expand the new brand identity to the entire sub-brand in the future.

■ Spread of communication collaboration companies culture

The core elements of SK Telecom 2.0 vision depend on securing and fostering talent, and the company plans to upgrade the corporate culture that has been continuously improved through ‘more communication and more collaboration’.

SK Telecom has been operating ‘The Lounge’ to promote community communication for the past year, ‘Sphere’, and ‘The Lounge’ to promote community communication and the expansion of Happy Friday. I have worked hard to build.

Yew announced that he will actively listen to the voices of the members by strengthening field management by visiting the town hall and the regional headquarters to strengthen the capacity of members.

In particular, it emphasized that the corporate culture 2.0 will not only be limited to SK Telecom, but also the entire group ICT family companies, as well as SK Broadband, to share and spread according to the characteristics of each company.

■ SET 2.0 1 year. Innovation foundation is laid down

SK Telecom confirmed the achievements and tasks of major businesses for vision specification prior to the introduction of this innovation plan. This year, we made our first step towards AI Company in solid performance, creating a T-B synergy through active cooperation with SK Broadband, and the company’s largest consolidation sales of more than 17 trillion won.

The 5G subscribers have surpassed 13 million, and ranked No. 1 in wired broadcasting subscribers. Media-related sales are expected to record two-digit growth compared to the previous year due to the sustainable growth of SK Stop and T Dill (GMV based on GMV) and the increase in viewership rankings through the original content of the channel S last year.

Related sales are expected to grow compared to the previous year due to the full-scale performance of the Gasman Data Center, the active cloud business in the public area, and the increase in orders through the joint order of SK Telecom and SK Broadband.

ADDED is showing various new services such as A.TV and game, and users are continuously increasing, and Errand has introduced new economic systems and original contents, making it more than 3.6 million monthly users. The T Space has become a representative subscription service in Korea, with monthly actual actors exceeding 1.8 million due to the doubled partner partners and the success of new subscription products.

In the UAM sector, the Korea Airports Corporation, Hanna System, and the K-UAM Dream Team are being established to prepare for the government’s participation in the government-organized demonstration project, and are strengthening their competitiveness in differential UAM projects through cooperation with Job Vision.

In the AI semiconductor sector, the company has secured a global top-level product competitiveness by simultaneous establishment of the US and Korean corporations and securing talent.

In terms of ESG, there were many meaningful achievements. In the case of Net Zero, the company has achieved the same level of achievements as planting 64,000 pine trees by reducing 5 million units of disposable cups through ‘Happy Sea bit’, and 260,000 tons of carbon emissions through Myanmar Cook Stove business and eco-friendly infrastructure. It was secured. AI-based social safety net services, such as AI care services that take care of the socially disadvantaged, contributed to creating a safe society by providing more than 53,000 households.

SK Telecom plans to start thorough preparation to overcome this, saying that the paradigm of the past has no longer work due to the rapid change of macroscopic global environment.

Representative Yew Young-sang said, SK Telecom has grown steadily over the past year, but it is standing at the time of the cataclysm of changes in the macro environment due to the rapid change of international situation. We will thoroughly prepare for a plan to cope with all threats.

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