2022 G -Star imminent! Lets meet LOL goods at Market tory in Ben Booth

Social distance from Corona is released, breathing is open, and it is time to return to complete daily life. There are also several offline events that were quiet. Korea’s largest game show 2022 G-Star is also accelerating the event to fill the needs with domestic gamers.

In line with this, a shopping mall for gamers came to 2022 G-Star. Market t will showcase a variety of goods at the Market tory in t Booth during the 2022 G-Star. Among them, we signed a license agreement with Riot Games this year to introduce LOL (League of Legends) goods products.

League of Legends goods, which are first unveiled at the market tory of the brand zone in the 2022 G-Star site, have seven items, ▲ Time Dog Mushroom Cross Bag, Nyanongkai Cross Bag, Sakai Hat ▲ Multi Cleaner-Glass Watching ▲ Multi Cleaner-Keyboard Cover ▲ Big Deck Sticker.

In addition, we will also benefit from the event prizes when purchasing. League of Legends products are randomly presented in the booth store.

In addition, the newly launched products in the tory of the tory in the 2022 G-Star can be purchased at the Ben Online Mall in December after the event. Game goods that can be called the flower of the game show. 2022 Meet in G-Star in Ben Booth in the market tory!

[2022 G-Star] League of Legends Goods to be shown at Market tory in t Booth
Preview LoL Goods!

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