RHYMESTER Utamaru and TBS Uuchi Ana will appear in Dragon Like 8. Studio Representative Yokoyama reveals on a radio program

On November 10, Masayoshi Yokohama, the representative of the Studio, appeared on the TBS radio program After 6 Junction. Among them, it was revealed that Tamara and others of RHYMESTER, the personality of the same program, will appear in the latest series of the series, Rough You 8 .

Dragon Gaza 8 is the latest number of the Dragon Gore series, which is handled by the Raga. In this work, Cayuga China, who played the leading role in Rough Shiga 7 Light and Darkness, and Karma Kirk with a different hairstyle appeared. In the Dragon Like series, the story is drawn by a double hero, which has been since Riga no 0 Oath Place. As a story, the story of the two people who carry all the past, the man who carried the future, and the two are developed. By drawing the life of the two, the story of this work can be spun.

Masayoshi Yokohama, a Studio representative, who is in charge of the production of this work, appeared on the TBS radio program After 6 Junction on November 10. He has revealed that RHYMESTER’s Tamara, who is the personality of the program, and Rise Such, a TBS announcer, will appear in Riga Tokyo 8. As soon as Yokohama’s mouth was announced, Tamara and Such screaming. It was said that they were in the Sega building and recorded data such as faces and voices. It will be dropped into the work in the familiar and realistic reproduction model of the Dragon Like series. Mr. Such appeared as Rise Such as TBS announcer Rise Such. Mr. Tamara also appears as Tamara, but it may seem to be slightly different from reality.


In this broadcast, Mr. Yokohama was involved in the background of Mr. Yokohama, and the backstory about the Jet Set Radio, which he worked on in the past. If you are interested, check out After 6 Junction.

Dragon Like 8 will be released in 2024. The compatible platform is planned for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Steam/Windows).

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