[Comprehensive] Earthing Shock Netmarble… Korean -centered strategy revision in global

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] Net marble accepted a report card that significantly lowered its 3Q market forecast due to the sluggishness of the Seven Knights Revolution and the influence of the exchange rate. The company plans to try to reverse with the expected new works ahead of the launch. In the global market, strategic modifications will be made to pay attention to Korea.

On the 11th, Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced that it recorded sales of 694 billion won, operating loss of 38 billion won, and net loss of W277.5bn in the third quarter of 2022. Securities prices are expected to record sales of W694.1bn, operating loss of 500 million won, and net loss of 19.4 billion won in 3Q.

Revenue increased 14.4% YoY, but operating profit and net profit turned to deficit. Revenue increased by 5.1% Qom, but operating profit and net profit decreased by 9.5% and 130.3%, respectively. By the third quarter of this year, Net marble’s cumulative sales amounted to 1.98 trillion won and the cumulative operating loss was 84.6 billion won.

Overseas sales in the third quarter recorded 579.4 billion won, accounting for 83%of total sales. Regional sales accounted for 48%in North America, 17%in Korea, 13%in Europe, 9%in Southeast Asia, 7%in Japan, and 6%in other 6%. The top sales games are ‘Marvel Contest of Champions (11%)’, ‘Cashprange (8%)’, ‘Second Country: Cross World (8%), Jackpot World (8%)’ 8%), ‘seven deadly: Grand Cross (6%)’.

The company said, Seven Knights Revolution, which was released on July 28, did not achieve as expected, and the loss of foreign currency borrowings due to the rise in exchange rates increased significantly.

Representative Do Kiosk, CEO of Net marble, said in a conference call that held the conference call on the day. This will continue until 4Q.

The fixed cost, such as the increase in labor costs due to the increase in the number of people, will reduce the burden, and the marketing cost is volatile due to the launch of the new work, but the proportion is unlikely to increase significantly. It will be the direction of efficient.

Net marble will launch new works such as Charlotte’s Table, which was launched on November 9, ‘King of Fighter Arena’ and ‘Paragon: The Overtime (Early Access)’, and G-Star 2022, which will open on the 17th The company plans to introduce four kinds of Paragon: The Overtime, Medal Chronicles, and I alone Level: Ar site, and High Squad.

Won Youngest, CEO of Net marble, said, We recorded sluggish results for the third consecutive quarter due to the increase in labor and marketing costs, the release of new works, and the lack of release. Level Up: We will do our best to maximize the competitiveness of new developments such as Arise, Medal Chronicles, Paragon: The Over frame and High Squad.

Marvel of all: ‘Marvel: Meta World’ is scheduled to be in the first quarter of next year, and Paragon: The Over frame does not stop when it starts early in December. The goal is to launch in the third quarter of next year, and ‘Alone Man Level Up: A Rise’ is also in the third quarter.

Net marble, which has focused on the global RPG market, has decided to pay attention to the Korean market. Won also said, Net marble has been a strategy to target the global RPG market, and the marketing experience in the global market has gained, but it has not been efficient. It has been modified. In the meantime, it has been sluggish in the Korean market, and it will make up for the launch strategy that focuses on Korea, and marketing plans to execute it efficiently accordingly.

In the conference call, Net marble also focused on the noise surrounding the global social casino game company Spin X, which acquired a 100%stake last year. This is because foreign currency borrowings are returning to a lot of burden due to the recent rise in exchange rates.

Representative Do Kiosk said, The exchange rate is more than 20% higher than the beginning of the year, and the foreign currency borrowing from the first spin X is more than 1.5 trillion won. We plan to reduce the size of the borrowings by reviewing the securitization of subsidiary dividends or assets in the future.

Won Youngest said, We have received a report of social casino market analysis in 2022, 2023, and 2024 through an external social casino market analysis agency in the last month. Even though the company’s sales declined slightly in 2022 compared to 2021, Spinx did not increase sales as we expected, but sales grew.

He also said, I decided to have a platform for social casino genres when I acquired Spin X. I aimed to secure cash cows through this platform. In the case of other companies, the web or PC version accounts for 20-30% sales, and if Spinx launches the web and PC version, it will take more growth rate. I’ll be.

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