Powerful candidate Pinkroid, one more step in winning the SWC

Android, which was selected as the strongest winning candidate from fans around the world, succeeded in advance to the semifinals. On the 12th, Android ~ defeated Japan’s representative ASSERT 3 to 2 after a full set in the SWC 2022 World Final Quarterfinals in Sang am Colosseum.

This has occurred from the first set. Android’s water-rear-like Rhee was immediately turned to the turn, immediately after the sensation of the air. Immediately after a wide range of attacks, the giant’s fist was used immediately, and all the four rooms hit the enemy, and the summons of Android ~ were stunned. Assert pushed the attack and quickly killed the enemy and brought one set easily.

In the second set, Android ~ analyzed the enemy’s information and completed a faster attack speed combination by introducing the Weapon Master. In addition, he added the ability to supply turns by adding a light-speed injection stomach that can be called his trademark. Eventually, the game flows according to the calculation of Android ~, like the European Cup final, and the game returned to the origin, with two sets of two sets.


Three sets once again started a counterattack of Assert. ASSERT stabbed the enemy’s huge with a non-mainstream pick called a cancer at the van pick, and it was hit. Android ~ with high attack speed and firepower, Android has cut off the enemy’s health of the enemy from the start, but as the Assert cancer-resistant daemon succeeds in using the resurrection, his fire slayer succeeded in attacking the enemy. Since the turn continues to come and go, the combination of ASSERT, which has a good retention, has succeeded in slowly cutting the enemy, bringing the game to victory.

In the fourth set, Android ~ secured a turn-to-turn ability as a android ~ and provided a dealer as a light Sistine. ASSERT has composed a combination of high retention by adding water attributes and water mermaids to the water and festive yin and beings. The game began to be unfavorable to Android ~, as the Oracle of Android ~ was caught more easily than expected, but his light rider stepped down the enemy as he avoided checks until the end. So the game went back to the origin.

The five sets Assert chose BUL Oracle, Wind, Fire Slayer, and Water Magaña, and Android ~ chose a wind painting, a fire bestride, and a water yang. The game was fiercely developed. While Android ~ Assert’s order stack was checked, Assert stepped up a dealer. I wanted to end the game as Android’s sewing water was caught, but at this point, the maintenance of the water Oracle was true and began to keep the allies. Assert’s summoner, who was in a state of death due to a persistent attack, had no room for capturing the enemy, and eventually Android ~ at the end of the blood clot went to the semifinals.

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