Kratos is concerned if he taught how much to make love in the dialogue of God of War Ragnarok

Several God of War Ragnarök dialogues can tear their laugh, like Atreus saying that their beard is growing and mimic commenting that it is just dirt. However, there is a rather unexpected moment when the God of war is concerned about Atreus, if he knows how to love and if he knows how… courting.

Rates comments on Atreus to know love

To unlock this dialogue you must complete some simple conditions. Let’s explain below, and you can also check it out in the videos for no doubt:

  • Finish the main story
  • Use a portal for Sindhi’s house
  • Enter the room on the right and walk a little there

Rates begins a conversation with Mimic proving to be concerned about Atreus and Mimic comments that he handled Ragnarök and knows how to survive, but the god of war referred to another subject. He wanted to know if his son knows how to love. In English the dialogue is a little more explicit, as Rates uses the term woo to refer to intimacy.

While Rates already suspects a possible case between Atreus and Anybody (who in Nordic mythology is Loki’s wife), Mimic explains that he had such conversations with the boy.

In Portuguese everything was softened. The dialogue is basically the same and the way to activate it as well, but the term used is to process. Which is much milder than woo.


Despite this, the dialogue is still fun, especially when Mimic explains that it has touched the subject with Atreus, but subtly. He faced Ragnarök, but can he deal with love?

Type dialogues have occurred before, both in the God of War 2018 and Ragnarök. With Mimic commenting on Sindhi and Book and also talking about Einheterjar parties, who are in a big lounge eating, drinking and…

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