Warzone 2 receives only world community event in SP; programming has joker and more

This Friday (18) took place the first event of the War zone Community 2. He was attended by several streamers and intense matches. In addition, this was the first and only event of its kind worldwide, which is proof that Activision is paying special attention to azil.


Everything happened in São Paulo, at Space Villa Logos and had many guests and partnerships. The event was very discreet and the organizers decided to keep secret about everything, so even the guests present at the event did not know about the programming until it started. Of course this is no longer a problem since you can check out the full schedule below.

Programming of the War zone 2 Community Event

  • Pocket Show-Kant and Track
  • Showmatch-Team Figueroa x Team Hawaii
  • Meet & Greet-Hayashii, Funky and Stolen
  • Meet & Greet-Zigueira, The Darkness and FRTT
  • Meet & Greet-Kant and Track
  • Burger King Show match with Joker
  • Event time-time 10h and 18h

PCS and PlayStation consoles available for all

The event guests also had a chance to play War zone 2 on PC and PlayStation 5. To do so, just register for a list and play for a certain period of time. The accounts were already installed on consoles and computers, and it was not possible to log in with a personnel.

That way everyone could have the Battle Royale experience, or even could kill curiosity about what it would be like to play on a different platform.

Show matches exciting

First we had a dispute between Team Figueroa and Team Hawaii. All showed a lot of skill and provided three exciting matches that made the audience viate.

Then the spotlight got Joker, who participated in matches sponsored by Burger King. All of this live to the audience and in oadcast, with commentators.

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