[Late] G -Star 2022 completed by gameplay

From the point of view, it’s important to see any game at the game show or where you meet with the industry. But if you are a general visitor who needs to pay for it, the story is a little different. It’s important to see how efficiently you can enjoy, experience, experience, buy, and enjoy it within a limited time.


In that sense, this year’s core keyword of G-Star is, above all, the diversity completed by experience.

Event/Exhibition/Cosplay, Game Play in its center

If you replay a recent G-Star, major game companies representing PCs, online, or consoles have come in and out. It was solid, such as the new work and the indie game zone that many game companies showed. But when you come to the scene, you can feel it properly.

A game company with a large shot that makes you move to the venue. Expected masterpieces were mixed with each other. Sometimes it didn’t fit the demonstration, so some games came out, and other games were missing. The event that the event was not held for a while with Corona 19 made me slowly dancing G-Star, which was growing up. Naturally, the core is attraction. The video platform called its representative broadcaster to hold an event, and cosplay and goods have moved to the stage.

‘There’s a lot to see’ was a clear advantage, but on the contrary, even if you replace it with ‘there’s a lot to see,’ someone may be convinced.

Of course, the high-quality cosplay models, famous streamers and broadcasters, which were moved to the game characters and reality, have been on the scene this year. The game that can’t be done here or with expectations has returned to the core of many booths like many other events.

Nixon, who again set up a booth at G-Star site and set up the title of ‘Return’, filled the G-Star 1 exhibition hall with one game demonstration, including ‘Making Mobile’, which was expected. Net marble also filled the scene according to the demonstration of four new works before it was released. There are so many dense demonstration booths, so the game time is relatively generous. In addition, I used the cosplay zone and the field event zone, which are climbing and climbing the game characters, such as Medal Chronicles and High Squad, to the left and right and corners.

Aka Games and Craft Tone welcomed visitors using demonstrations and unique booth forms. In addition to the Ocean Drive Studio game, each demonstration zone of ‘Dist era’, ‘Ares’, and ‘Guards Order’ has a different atmosphere, making it a different booth in the same space. Craft ton, which has attracted attention with its new exhibits from overseas studios such as ‘Callisto Protocol’ and ‘Moon breaker’.

Remade, which filled the opposite side of Nixon, has a new video and experience-type contents such as ‘Legend of Image’ and ‘Night Crow’. Instead of demonstration, I made a museum booth that experienced various contents.

‘False of P’, ‘Be Star 2’, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’, ‘Genres Zone Zero’, etc. It is also a place where there were many visitors. Neo wiz and Flint, who filled the booth with one demonstration game at the core, were more prominent that many visitors could demonstrate the game quickly. The Hobo Bus booth, which was interested in goods sales and cosplay by game, was attracted to fans throughout the booth.

Domestic game companies, which have been focused on mobile centered on mobile, have recently caught the center by driving the center into various platforms. And this is the G-Star that slowly reveals the result. Mobile-PC multi-title is also implemented in the form of a PC, whether it is manipulated or graphic, instead of just growing the screen on the mobile base. Whether it’s mobile or PC title, there’s an atmosphere to experience and enjoy.

Except for the E3, which repeats the unfortunate appearance, the success of the overseas game show, which grows into a new look every year, is attributed to various events, experience-type contents, and various forms. However, it is based on gameplay that is usually difficult to enjoy, or when many people can enjoy their face and have fun. You need to have the basics, so you can feel the fun of various events.

Large game companies that gather fans, the existence of anticipated works, leads to the event, creating opportunities for interest in other booths. The falling effect in economic theory is controversial in its implementation, but it is a bit different for G-Star, where a lot of people are attracted to a limited place.

In the case of large games with a lot of people, there are limited number of people to enjoy within a fixed time, so after the game you want to try, you will be able to wait for another game or participate in a small booth. The number of users who are looking for a school officer waiting for the work of the Indian Hall, who first appeared in BIC, who had not been able to announce their names, and the students’ works, have increased so much.

Even in the field, it may be less likely to be able to raise the power to strong capital power, but it was easy to find several games that showed enough potential. It seemed to be a step closer to the game show that everyone could be satisfied and enjoyed.

Weed Corona, still important safety

G-Star once decided to hold online in a large fan Derick. This year’s event was more vibrant by entering Weed Corona and looking at Endemic. Still, personal defense was important, but at least I could find the kind of food I wanted at least in the food truck, fill my hunger, and drilled the drink.

There was less concern about the epidemic, but I needed to worry about the recent safety issues. And the city and the organizers replaced it with enhanced control.

In this G-Star, I was able to meet more police than usual. Along with the on-site staff, the crowds were organized so that the crowds were not gathered in one place, and it was easy to see the patrols of the roads and patrols to see if there was any problem.

On the other hand, G-Star made a decision to control the road in front of BEX CO. Before the event was held, road control vehicles and safety (Lavacon) blocked the road in front of BEX CO. Many fans visit the site through public transportation. It was possible to use the space more naturally by preventing the entry of the vehicle. The receipt space for fans who purchased or pre-booked tickets in the field was located in the vacant lot across BEX CO. Through this spacious space, the existing parking lot became a waiting space before entering, and it was changed to a resting space with food trucks.

The extension of the event to the exhibition hall was also helpful for safety. The organizers would have an opportunity to participate in G-Star a little easier in the competition, which is more difficult to enter the exhibition hall for the participants. Anyway, the expansion of the exhibition hall was less than before.

There were so many fans this year, and the number increased much on the weekend. Nevertheless, the crowd was not crowded at the push of push.

As the expansion of the exhibition hall, the movement and the number of events were more than expected, the entrance and the exit were separated, and the movement line was extended for a long time so that people could enter in order. When the number of people was so crowded, I restricted my position by refraining from the addition of additional tickets.

In fact, I went to the exhibition hall on the same way as the users, but it was more inconvenient than when there was no control. I couldn’t enter the exhibition hall in front of my eyes and had to walk away for a while. I could hear some of these complaints.

However, this choice made it possible to stable position and easily control. There were gamers who were dissatisfied, or there were gamers who kept order even when they were sneaking out and entering the field. Of course, even if someone tried to get out of the way, it was still blocking it at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

Efforts for safety were not limited to the organizers. In order to prevent conflicts between visitors, the entrance, exit, and clearly distinctive atmospheric guidelines are more thoroughly prepared than usual. And the staff were busy moving for this guidance. In particular, on the 16th, when the event was in full swing, the staff in each game company booth were trained for CPR training.

Interest in safety issues that protect life as much as large-scale infectious diseases has increased, and G-Star and Game Company’s efforts to protect them. And there were visitors and gamers who kept order in it, so the event was a big accident.

The past and future of developers around the world are in one place, IGCXG-CON

Devon is gathered by famous developers from all over the world to announce the beginning of Games com. The IGCXG-CON, which the tory is held with the association, is now a lecture by G-Star as well as domestic developer.

In particular, this year’s G-Star Conference was also interested as a conference where you can meet famous developers who are hard to see in one place. David Cage, a pioneer of the Interactive Story Telling Game, the core producer of Dead Space Series and the chief development manager of the striking Distance, Steve Patsy, who leads the development of Callisto Protocol, and various titles in and produced at home and abroad.

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