LOL – Black Friday 2022: Discount from Riot Points and other great League of Legends offers

All League of Legends players are a bit with Riot Games because of the price increase that the Riot Points suffered throughout the year. Nobody likes to have to spend more money to buy the same products and the situation was particularly painful due to the world economic context. However, just a few months after the price increase we find the opposite effect. It is not that the RPS will be on offer forever, but during the Black Friday 2022 we have the opportunity to get them enjoying an interesting discount.

Riot Points on offer thanks to Black Friday by Riot Games

Although there are more interesting discounts, and we will also talk about them, the 20% discount when buying Riot Points will be the one that focuses the attention of the players. It is a very interesting discount. Not only does the aforementioned price increase that took place last summer compensates, but it allows us to save a little with respect to the cost they had before this increase. In this sense, it is a small victory for consumers.

On this type of occasion, we always recommend buying Riot Points thinking of the medium term. Do not spend more than you have planned, but think that the start of season 13 will take place in the next season and the start of a season always includes a lot of new aspects.

more Black Friday’s offers related to League of Legends

As usual, League of Legends creators also include many discounts on other products. The prices of official merchandising on the company’s website are usually prohibitive. However, this time we have the opportunity to get figures at a much more tight value. Additionally, there are other products that are worth highlighting even if they have not reduced their price as much as we would like.

Official merchandising at balance price

Minifiguritas, Funk Pop style dolls or much more detailed jobs to decorate our room. Although the products without discount have a very high price, those that do have an offer are very interesting. Our favorites are in the Figures section, although we do not disgust Gear’s stuffed animal.

The books of League of Legends

We are very angry that Riot Games never stretch with great discounts to his books, but we know they are interesting for many players. With Christmas just around the corner, you may be thinking about getting them or giving them away. However, we insist on the same: they are not reduced with respect to their usual price.


Other video games about the story of League of Legends

Riot Games has long expanded the story of RENATER beyond League of Legends, and we have good news. Both Ruined King and Hex tech Mayhem are at lowered price.

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