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Artifact list and location



For each location of the video game, you will discover the listing of all artifacts, along with a description of them placement where to discover them. Keep in mind that they are not necessarily all to discover during your very first visit to a location.


Once again, these things can be determined at a range thanks to the slight purple light that they discharge. They can however be of different shape and size, making them a little harder to discern. When discovered, it just stays to get closer and connect with them to gather them.

As in 2018, Rates and Atreus will have the ability to find artifacts during their experiences in God of War Ragnarök. These permit you to always find out a little more about the different kingdoms of Yggdrasil. In overall, 38 artifacts are scattered in this world, enabling to detract the knowledge of the god of war.


List and area of artifacts

The images for all the artifacts are slowly coming, a little perseverance!

Longhair Island

Jasmina mines

On the Arriver front plateau with a core, pass behind the mechanisms by the right up until you see an explosive jar. Take Arrive Deal in Rates with the blades of chaos and obstruct the stone block. When on it, introduce the Leviathan ax to reach the other side of the mines and find Artifact listed below.


Go to the watchtower to invoke the Longhair and alter the layout of the island. ARTIFACT is at the top of the latter accessible more easily thanks to this modification.



Enter the sewage systems next to Sindhi and go to the. At the end of the course, after having actually broken the uptakes is located on the ground.

Utilize the teleportation point to Niðavellir beach prior to taking the hill shortcut to the forge. Go out to the right before Escalade the very first left wall and go down. ARTIFACT lags a wooden box.

Cross the pontoon over the mine to slip into a narrow space and enter a new location. Take the wood door at the top of the location, previously getting on the left ledge to find ARTIFACT.

Tauranga wetlands

Tauranga wetlands

After combating in charge of the area, Miklimunnr, borrow the tunnel by being bent. Increase the ideal course, and decrease after the door. By pulling an arrow on the sound stone, Artifact is revealed.


With the sound arrows, go right from the boat to the port of Niðavellir to damage the sound of sound.

Getting here in the mines, descend in a straight line to find a chain.

Following the primary history, after frozen a geyser and mounted as an elevator, Artifact is put on a table.

On the beach, freeze the geyser with the ax and cross. Repeat with the geyser next door to reach the platform in height and discover the remains.

Jasmina mines

Arriving in the area from Sindhi’s create, utilizing the Daccroche point on the delegated come down on the edge. ARTIFACT lags the stones to be damaged.


The Strong

Cross the cavern prior to descending on the edge opposite. SY discover Artifact and a trunk.

The Strong

By following the path, Rates is confronted with a rock that he must lift. Once cleared, take the right course to discover a brand-new artifact and a trunk.

Temple of light

Last but not least of the Temple, installing the rackets in spirals and climbing on the right edge to locate Artifact.

Temple of light

earth burned

To the northeast of the location, with the length of the dragon skull, climb up the back wall.

As soon as the even substances have been damaged, go back to borrow the passage that has been open and discover ARTIFACT.

Sands defended

From Lances mystique at the Fear camp, Artifact is accessible and visible.

Fear camp

Sands safeguarded

In the space where there is a wooden wheel, utilize it prior to increasing to discover Artifact after an arch.

To the right of the Left sanctuary door.

From the library, along the best wall to discover a climbing up wall that causes a wall to damage. Starting again on the right, a narrow passage is revealed, behind which Artifact conceals.


Les Terriers

Climb up and jump to the tower in the middle in the location with poisoned bags. The soil can be broken to find ARTIFACT.

Southern actions

From the slowness of the area, go straight to the right to discover a structure surrounded by even compound. Burn the brambles to get on a structure and discover ARTIFACT.

Sands protected

Noun Garden

Flush parade

From the second beach in the location, climb and cross the cavern up until showing up in front of a hostile flower. Below is a palisade that can be ruined and behind which Artifact rests.

Right before a climbing wall, on the right side of the garden.

Delta de la Riviera

Behind the magical lances of the River Delta, a little.

Delta de la Riviera


From the starting location, climb up the wall created to discover ARTIFACT.

A Detroit where there is a main pylon, get on the edge on the right and utilize the chain to expose a daccroche point. Utilize the latter before going down to the right of the new platform and find ARTIFACT.




The jungle

abandoned station

Pull the chains to unveil a staircase to take to discover a chest, and Later de Lautre side of the wall.

After beating Master, going to the bottom to the left of Lorene to burn red brambles and reveal a narrow passage. From the opposite, mount the stairs to obtain an artifact.

From Lances mystique Du Lac DES Nerf, along the left wall to find a daccroche point on the moon of evictions of the kingdom. ARTIFACT is the opposite of the daccroche point.

Ravage DES 9

In the southwest of the crater, take the tunnel towards the jungle to discover Artifact near a remains after a Escalade session.

Beginning with the pilgrim quay by boat, taking the passage to Lest opposite. Summarize under the roots to find a cave and garden.


This artifact asks to date that it is dark to be discovered.

Lac DES Nine

Destroy the wall of ice behind the cigarette smoking golden helmet to expose Artifact.

Lac DES Nine

Walk around the Tar temple till you show up under the bridge. ARTIFACT is on a corpse.

Lac DES Nine

ARTIFACT is behind a wooden box.

When on it, release the Leviathan ax to reach the other side of the mines and find Artifact below.

As in 2018, Rates and Atreus will be able to discover artifacts during their experiences in God of War Ragnarök. When found, it only stays to get closer and interact with them to gather them.

By pulling an arrow on the sound stone, Artifact is exposed.

From Ascender resulting in the T temple of Tar bridge, move straight towards a hill with stone stairs. ARTIFACT is at the top.

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