When do you unlock the Dragon Dragonflight dragons?


One of the main advantages of the Dragon flight for World of Warcraft was that the players received their own dragon. These dragons can be configured, improved and used as the main system of movement in addition. This is a new system, and we are shocked by the fact that it did not appear before. So, now on this burning issue. When do you unlock skating on dragons?

when can you fly in World of Warcraft Dragon flight?

Players will have the opportunity to saddle their dragon quite early in the Dragon flight campaign. In chapter 1, players receive the quest riding on the dragon from Alekzraza on awakening shores. This will make them talk to the first of several riders on dragons. The first riding animal that players receive is an updated protopodcon. Depending on how quickly players perform quests, you can get a Mount for a couple of hours.

It seems that Blizzard plans that players will invest significant funds in their driving animals-dragons, since in four zones on the islands of dragons you can get 48 collection items. They serve as glasses that can be spent on improving the dragon’s abilities, thereby improving its characteristics. Players will also want to get as many side quests as possible, as this will be one of many ways to unlock the settings of appearance. We have to open and collect a lot, but we have two years with these mounts, and this is a much better system than the heart of Zero.

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