Relics God of War Ragnarok: Full list and where

God of War Ragnarök presents a new type of equipment called a relic. They are used as accessories, with a temporary active power that needs a recharge time. The relics offer several interesting effects to help in battles.

The relics are directly used in the inventory, spending experience. It’s a bit problematic at the beginning of the game, when you don’t have much XP to spend. Therefore, it is better to test them in the basic version, before deciding to improve them or not. You can use a relic by pressing L1 + ball. It is only possible to equip one at a time.

Check out the list with the 14 God of War Ragnarök relics. When you get all, the collector trophy is unlocked, helping on the way to platinum the game.


list of relics and how to get them

Although they are 14, four relics need to be raised on the blacksmith after getting lost pages and sword fists, scattered throughout the game. The other 10 are found directly, without the need to forge.

1. Main Talisman

The first relic of the game is automatically given to you during chapter 2: The search for Tar. It allows you to gain a melee damage bonus for a ief period.

two. Gram Fist

Obtained in Álfheimr, from a legendary chest in the temple of light. It grants an addition of fury and causes stunning to nearby enemies.

3. Radio de Dodher

This relic is offered as a reward when killing the Mini-Boss Fisk in Anaheim when you follow Freya during chapter 6: Accounts. Dodger’s Radio throws a Frost chakra towards the enemies.

4. Rid ill’s fist

You need to eliminate the various enemy camps around the Tar Temple on the Lake of Nine in Midgard during the favor Animal Instincts. You will eventually face chief Olaf Nation, who will drop the sword fist you need. Now just find Midgard’s lost page (cited at the end of this article) and manufacture the relic in a blacksmith.

Rid ill’s fist releases a shock wave to electrocute enemies.

5. Angrvadall Fist

Northwest of the prohibited sands, right at the site of the statue of Fear, in Álfheimr. Solve the favor Fear’s gift and now look for two keys to start the desert door mission. Use the key in the north of the area to release the dragon. Kill the cloth to get a sword fist.

The lost page of this wrist is in the temple north of the arid lands, very close to the legendary chest of the site. Go to a blacksmith to create the relic. Angrvadall’s fist throws three waves of light that cause more damage against enemies affected by Sonic.

6. Project No. 9 of Ultra

Simply forged on the blacksmith, on the tabs Special Items and relics in exchange for 10,000 silver. It is necessary to zero the main campaign before. Ultra Project No. 9 transforms Mimic’s discomfort into a Frost explosion against nearby enemies.

7. Mainstay Fist

Get the Draper spear, unlocked access to the abyss of Alberio, east of Waldheim Bay. During’s mission will take him there. Defeat the chief Ormestunga to get a sword fist. Take the lost page on prohibited sands (location at the end of the article) and go to a blacksmith to create the relic.

Beat Mainstay’s fist on the floor to create a sear poison explosion, leaving behind a harmful area.

8. Mystical inheritance

You need the Draper spear to start. Use it to clean a rock with a weakness north of C. do Treasury, which is south of the nine Lake in Midgard. The relic is on the floor. It has no use in combat, it is used to complete a secret mission that unlocks one of the best armor in the game.

9. Turfing fist

You should kill the Platoon Wolf Mini-chief on your second trip to Anaheim (west of the BARRY BOARD) in the Saga Fear releases. It is not far from the abandoned village. By defeating the boss, he will leave a sword fist. Take the lost page of Anaheim (location at the end of this article) and take to a blacksmith to create the relic.

Turfing’s fist carries the sword to sacrifice health and cause damage based on the amount lost health.

10. Hold’s handle

Another relic given automatically as a reward during history. This time it is after killing Handball during chapter 13: creatures of prophecy. Hold’s wrist creates a kingdom distortion to affect time and space.

11. Grotto’s fist

Go to the plains in the Anaheim crater region after saving Fear. There are three travelers, equipped with heavy armor and a large sword. After defeating the second, he will always drop the relic.

Grotto’s fist applies a and to nearby enemies. Attacking a marked enemy reduces the runic recharges of the equipped weapon. Killing an enemy grants a runic blessing.

12. Called MossSognir

After completing the main story, travel to William. A passage appeared between the training area and the crow’s tree. This leads to the ruins of prison. Inside there are holes to create horizontal bars with the spear. They should then be moved up or down to navigate the area. The relic will be on site.

The Call of MossSognir creates a shock wave that causes high stunning in enemies around.

13. Fireand Fist

Another complicated handful to get, as you will need to have found and killed Odin’s 48 crows. After opening the 6 legendary William chests, a boss will appear. Defeat the Guardian of the Crows to win the relic.

Fireand’s fist drives enemies away and gives a protective aura.

14. Skinning Fist

The last relic of the game is the hardest to get, but it is also considered the best of the game. To win it you need to defeat several berserkers that are marked on the map by the tombstones.

After defeating all, go to the king’s tomb in the far eastern Midgard to face King Rolf. Defeat the boss to win the desired relic. Skinning’s fist releases power from souls inside the sword. Causing much damage to enemies.

Location of lost pages

These weapons projects are used to create relics when you find the special materials needed.

  • Alfheim-Terras arid: in the northern temple of the area, in front of a legendary chest and a raw of Odin.
  • Alfheim-Areiah Prohibited: Northeast of the area, in the Sanctuary of the Elves. The plant is placed on one table of the main room.
  • Midgard-C. From the Treasury: Southwest of the nine lake, after completing the favor Sign’s Curse, climb the golden mountain range, then turn to see cracked terrain by which you can run in order to land in the treasure.
  • ANAHEIM PLANS: In the large optional area of the crater, reach the wells of desires from the jungle entrance mystical portal.

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