Drainus will arrive at Switch in February

Playism has announced the launch date of the Port for Drains switch, the acclaimed Ship of Team Ladybug. It will be next February 2 when this new version is published, after its triumphal pass through PC.


Drains is a ship game in which you try to stop a mass galactic war that will end thousands of planets, or at least that is what Genie says, a kind of anthropomorphic frog that says he comes from the future to try to prevent catastrophe. For this, you have Drains, a ship with the power to absorb and return enemy attacks.

This is the power around which much of the game is designed. The most violent attacks can be absorbed and returned if you have enough skill; In addition, absorbing bullets also serves to accumulate energy with which to buy improvements for your ship, which you can equip and imagine pleasure from the pause menu, modifying your ship to the flight to adapt it to your needs.

It is a system that, in what seems to be the brand of the house of the Team Ladybug, combines with great skill a touch of very intriguing complexity with a simplicity and naturalness that makes it nothing and less you are putting and removing upgrades as if it were something That you have done a lifetime. They are totally different games, but the sensation is not so different from that produced by Record of Slums War: Deed lit in Wonder Labyrinth, the previous game of this interesting studio.

This Port seems to be identical to the original PC version, published in May of this year. In Steam the game has been very celebrated by the SHM UPS fans community; In my opinion, it is a particularly appropriate game for people who attract gender but feel respect for the challenges offered by the great: the improvement system, the intelligent loop (which plays with the idea of travel in the time in a very attractive way) and the robust level design, always imaginative, make it a very good ship game without necessarily getting lost in common places or internal jokes of a genre that does not always have it easy to attract new audience.

At the moment no plans are known to launch the game on other platforms, although I would not rule it out either: both Deed lit in Wonder Labyrinth and Thou Luna Nights, the previous studio games, were gradually leaving on all platforms.

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