Is Blue Protocol MMO?

Blue Protocol is a JRPG from Banzai NAMC, which is scheduled for 2023, and Amazon Games (which is also engaged in the MMO Lost Ark and New World).


Thanks to the popularity of JRPG hits as Genshin Impact, the game is gaining momentum.
Many players want to know if blue protocol mmo is?

What is the Blue Protocol game?

Yes, Blue Protocol is MMO defined by the publisher as RPG MMO.
It is made in magnificent anime style with gameplay, in which players are united in a constant online world.
The planet of the Regin-Namen 2000 years in the future.
Players can create the appearance of their character that they want, and their class is determined by the weapon that they use to allow more diverse setting.
When you want to explore the dungeon in Blue Protocol, they will be created.

You can go through the dungeons alone, collect a group of friends or stand in line to enter with other random players.
The battle is based on skills, and players also cause mystical creatures in the battle to help them.
You will be able to go long or near Boys familiar trees of skills allowing you to configure your play style.
You can also explore everything from huge cities and bright open pastures to abandoned settlements and barren wasteland with your friends.
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