Trust, childrens villages and the artist Ricardo Cavolo collaborate to help Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues to affect the population of the country of Etern Europe, and multiple companies around the world have joined solidarity forces to minimize, far possible, the effects of the conflict.

One of them is Trust, who in collaboration with the Spanish artist Ricardo Carlo, have designed headphones for the cause, and that will be raffled among all donations.


Participate in the solidarity raffle and take these headphones, specifically, are created bed on recycled materials, and are compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC, and h a rechargeable battery of up to 13 hours.

These are wireless headphones that, how could it be otherwise, are specifically designed to play, having also incorporated a micro.
The Fodder Future h been in charge of carrying out the idea developed by Ricardo Carlo, the Salamanca origin artist who h exhibited in galleries around the world such Milan, Paris, London, Montreal…
In this way, all those who carry out a donation of a minimum of 3 euros will access the raffle of this beautiful model of the Trust Get 391 Than headphones, of which only one unit h been created.
Everything collected will be destined for SOS Children’s Alders, an organization of childhood care that h an emergency plan in Ukraine through which more than 1,200 people have already evacuated from the country, and offers shelter, food, hygiene products and hygiene products and
Psychological support to Ukrainian children and families.
we said before, the only way to get these beautiful headphones is to make a donation of 3 euros- minimum-to children’s villages through this link, having a deadline next December 24.

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