Blue Protocol & The Japanese Economy: What Do We Know So Far?

In this article, we’ll talk about how the release of Blue Protocol in Japan might change the Japanese economy. We’ll also talk about what we know so far on Blue Protocol, and what to expect from it when it’s released in Japan and worldwide.

As we understand, the release of Blue Protocol in Japan is scheduled for next spring, preceded by a beta stage in January.
In anticipation of this launch procedure, the Japanese advancement team of the online video game organized a long livestream yesterday aimed in particular to specify the exit techniques.
We remember Labor quad Japan, Blue Protocol will be released on PC (at the start of next spring) which the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions will just come, on a still indeterminate date.
The developer likewise envisages cross-platform and cross-play alternatives, however they are not yet officially arrested-they will obviously depend on the gamers.

The Blue Protocol’s economic model in Japan

What about the economical design?
As we understand, Banzai NAMC chose a Free-to-Play deal (also justifying that the game is dispersed exclusively online, not in boxes).
To fund the gameploitation of the video game, Banzai NAMC mentions a Objects shop permitting both to individualize the large of your character (cosmetic objects) and to shorten specific activities of the video game (development quicker?).
Obviously, the currency of the store must be pink orbs, a currency that knows but can also be won in play.
Banzai NAMC undoubtedly also plans to line up seasonal passes: every 50 or 60 days, a pass of 100 levels will be offered to gamers.
The first 60 levels can be launched free of charge, the following 40s will be incorporated into a paid version (again to be unlocked with pink orbs to purchase or collect in video game).
The designer does not information the content of the pass but certainly evokes consumables and cosmetic things.
For the record, Blue Procedure will be distributed in the West by Amazon Games.

At this stage, it is still unknown whether the Western operator will use up the economical design of the Japanese variation or if it will be adapted to the Western market.

Personalization of avatar

The designer also discussed several other features, consisting of the customization of the characters.
The game will incorporate a beauty parlor enabling to modify the large of your hero, with options regularly added according to updates;
A color system will allow you to individualize the characteristics of the characters (by modifying the color but also of the texture results): certain attires may be shades, other no;
Some dyes will quickly acquire at stake, otherwise will be chargeable however might be acquired in the context of periodic proofs;
As we understand, the video game incorporates an image mode permitting a character to commemorate memories (the alternative was currently present in beta), however this photo mode now allows members of a group, or perhaps a guild to posture collectively
A theater mode will also make it possible to review specific unforgettable cinematic series of the life of the character;
The game also provides a group search choice to facilitate… the group of players, for instance to meet a mission.


A choice enables search to all players or to release a private group search, accessible just to LID gamers in the group.
In Blue Protocol, a Deck system replaces guild permitting gamers to regroup and release on a particular cat.
Ultimately, content specific to teams might be established.

Gameplay functions

The designer also made the most of the stream to likewise sketch some gameplay sides.
Blue Procedure will incorporate a fishing system (a mini-game).
For instant, caught fish can just be offered (they can not be utilized for artisanal or cuisine for instance), however more concrete uses could be envisaged to haven;
In the areas of universe playing, the characters will have the ability to discover camps where to rest and restore their life.
Complements are also thought about as places of socialization to discover Dame companions;
The areas of universe play will also house Happy Naples, discreet creatures to Allure de Rabbit, granting hightails and rewards to players who will find them;
The video game likewise includes a number of unlimited towers, these dungeons in which players must clean up a thematic level prior to going to the next, and whose difficulty and rewards slowly increase;
A Dares Amelioration system will permit… Humiliating Equipment: some beasts will obviously abandon components permitting specific effects of magic weapons.

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