Star Wars Game Not Canceled, Ubisoft Just Needs A New Creative Director

Last year it was announced that several studies are working on Star Wars games, among them is Respawn with the Jedi Fallen Order saga and Ubisoft also with an open world game.
Regarding the latter, since the official announcement there have been any news, but it seems that the game is still on planning.
They recently mentioned that he needs people who cover the play testers positions, this in order to carry out some initial tests, which could indicate an alpha or beta ready.
The information was announced through the Massive Entertainment Twitter account, confirming that it is still working arduous in the project.


We are looking for test players for the Star Wars project!
If you live near Malmö, we would love to register.
It is worth mentioning that the company invites players to register to be Testers, this, so they can try the game before anyone else, and obviously they would be given a payment for such work.

Although there is a detail, users must live near Malmö, a city of Sweden, so users who do not live in Europe are discarded.
For now, there is no more video game information.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: Everything looks so that we have an advance next year, but maybe you don’t want to saturate so much with Star Wars games, so that until 2024 an advance will come out, the first, actually.

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