Kit Harington Gives First Details About The Game Of Thrones Spin-Off

After the disastrous final of Game of Thrones, the idea of returning to Westeros with a series of spin-off was not liked by fans.
However, with the success of House of the Dragon, the public’s opinion has changed, and now the show starring Jon Snow is seen potential.
Although there are not many details for the moment, the main actor has revealed a couple of interesting concepts.
In a recent presentation that was held at a Game of Thrones convention, Kit Harrington had the opportunity to talk about the spin-off starring Jon Snow that takes place after the main series events.
This was what he said related to the ideas that have been discussed:

I think if you had asked him, he would have felt that he got off lightly.
At the end of the program, when we find it in that cell, he is preparing to be beheaded and wants to be.
It is over.
The fact that he goes to the wall is the greatest gift and also the greatest curse.

You have to return to the place with all this story and live your life thinking about how Any killed.
Living his life thinking that Gritty died in his arms, and thinking about how he hung Only… thinking about all this trauma and that… that’s interesting.

So I think that where we leave it at the end of the program, there is always a feeling of… I think we wanted a little smile that things are fine.
He is not well.
Unfortunately, for the moment there is no official information by HBO about the future of this series.
Considering that the Spin-off is still in a planning stage, it is very likely that several years have passed before we see this concrete project.
Similarly, we must consider that this story will follow the final events of Game of Thrones, and not those of the book.
In related issues, here we tell you when the second season of House of the Dragon will be released.


Similarly, Game of Thrones actress was disappointed with the end of the series.

Editor’s note:
Despite the terrible final of Game of Thrones, the idea of a spin-off focused on Jon Snow after these events does not sound so bad.
As with any production, everything depends on people who are in charge of the script, and House of the Dragon showed that HBO has the resources to hire capable people.

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