Sociopath Traveler II is a turn-based RPG developed by Square Enix and Acquire, where players can explore vast plains, dungeons and cities in order to find their path. It’s an amazing game with fantastic gameplay and beautiful graphics, which has led many people to wonder what the next installment will bring. We now have our answer!

A brand brand-new trailer for Sociopath Traveler 2 exposes two fresh classes.
We also get a much deeper insight into an amazing gameplay system.

This allows us to blend and integrate tasks according to your mood in order to have the ability to produce interesting combinations.
As in the very first part, we ought to also follow in Sociopath Tourist 2 of the history of numerous protagonists.

Sociopath Traveler 2: Thief and clerics revealed

After merchants and the scholar Oswald were currently presented in a previous update, thanks to Square Enix, we are now discovering more information about Die bin Throne Angus and the spiritual Teens Mistral.

The second class presented in Sociopath Traveler is Teens Mistral, a cleric.
Teens’ adventure starts in the Crest lands after a tragic occurrence approaches in the church in which it serves.

Obsessed to get to the bottom of the trick, Teens moves into combat with numerous special skills.


His guide capability, for instance, allows him to hire new characters in fight after he mimics a tour guide throughout the day.
At night, he acts in dark kind and presses information from his opponents as quickly as he broke her in battle.

Teens Mistral

Thrones history begins in the city of New Delta, which lies in the Bright lands.
As a member of the Blacksnakes, a thief guild that pulls the threads out of the shadows of the city, she spends her days taking people.
Throughout the night she serves as a cold-blooded assassin, who, however, desperately tries to escape the vicious cycle of violence, who identifies her every day life.

As a latent force, Teens has the Moonlight Judge, which leaves the opposite shield points with its attacks as quickly as you activate it.
In mix with increased attacks or abilities with a number of hits, Teens can clean out an opponent in simply one round.

Throne Angus

The 2 new classes, which have recently been revealed to Sociopath Traveler 2, were the cleric and the thief.
The two are effortlessly rows into the ranks of the 8 playable characters that await us worldwide of Holistic.

As a talent, Throne has the True Blessing of Darkness, which instantly triggers in the evening and increases the elementary and physical attacks as well as the speed of the group.
The thief is enabled to strike throne, latent strength to strike twice in a row, which need to offer her an extra advantage in fight.

brand-new gameplay mechanics presented

In addition, 2 guilds in Sociopath Tourist should await us, whom we can sign up with.
We then meet numerous orders for our guild, we wave numerous rewards.
Also licenses with which we need to be able to unlock the secondary occupations.

In addition, the brand-new trailer for Sociopath Tourist 2 presents us to the secondary professions.
These enable us to gear up group members with a second class and explore new, combinable skills.
So we not just equip the weapons of other characters, but also utilize a more diverse choice of abilities.

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